Run, Selfie, Run!

If you are looking for a healthier outlook in life, have you ever considered running?

Running is one of the best exercises, calorie-burning, workouts you can ever do. Not only does to work out your body but also helps you mentally. Running has been shown to help keep the mind sharper, boosting memory as well as reducing the symptoms of dementia!

A “selfie” describes the act of taking a photo of oneself. Selfies have been around since the 1800s, but the term didn’t become popular until 2003. Nowadays people don’t have to ask a stranger to take their photo but rather just snap a quick selfie from their smartphone.

What do running and selfies have in common? June 23rd is Runner’s Selfie Day! Show off your sweaty running glow with your friends by taking a selfie and posting it on your social media. It could really help inspire, and motivate another future running!

Looking to improve and keep track of your running?

Check out some of our smartwatches to help track calories, progress, steps, heart rate and more!

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Running Watch183242.jpg

The Gaming Forerunner 645 Music features Bluetooth and has a built-in heart monitor. You can easily download up to 5000 songs and connect via Bluetooth to enjoy hands-free, phone-free listening. Activity tracking follows when you run, swim, cycle, and more, while GPS with a built-in barometer provides real-time data for multiple sports. Smart notifications allow you to read and respond to calls and texts without ever using your phone. Plus, with Garmin Connect you can get connected with a community that allows you to review your progress, compete in challenges, and encourage other’s successes.

Samsung Galaxy Fit Fitness Smartwatch

185293.jpgEasily track your fitness and wellness, day and night, in clear, vivid color. A simple glance at your wrist lets you monitor workouts, heart rate, and sleep. And keep an eye on notifications from a comfortable, stylish fitness tracker that lasts up to a week on a single charge. Designed with an always-on, full-color display, Galaxy Fit gives you real-time info at a glance, allowing you to stay on track to meet your goals. Touch or swipe to easily scroll between workouts, notifications, and your daily calendar. As stylish as you are, the sleek, lightweight smartwatch fits your everyday look.

NOKIA Steel HR Activity Tracking Watch 


The Nokia steel HR activity tracking watch that seamlessly blends your lifestyle with your wellbeing program. Achieve your goals through steps, swimming and running tracking, as well as heart rate monitoring. Monitor your sleep to maximize your recuperation efficiency and starts your day with a gentle wake-up vibration. You can continuously track heart rate in workout mode to optimize training and monitor daily and overnight heart rate to improve health over time. Steel HR goes from the office to the gym, to a night on the town, and boasts serious endurance – it has the longest battery life of any HR tracker on the market.


Looking to get a better#Selfie?

XTREME #Selfie Stick 



DGL Selfie Stick-Portrait Extendable Monopod 


ByTech Pocket Size Bluetooth Selfie Stick