Father opening a father's day gift from his son. Sticky post

48 Tech Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

Tech-Focused Gifts to Get Dad This Father’s Day (or Birthday) Buying for dad can be a challenge. After all, what do you get the man who (usually) can buy himself exactly what he wants? Well, there’s no one right, or wrong, answer for what dads will like. Only you know what the dad, husband, father figure, or grandfather in your life likes. To help you … Continue reading 48 Tech Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

Surprising Recipes You Can Make in A Vitamix

Originally Published: February 24, 2022 Last Modified: March 20, 2024 So, you’ve decided to bite the bullet and finally get the Vitamix blender you’ve been dreaming of. You love your morning smoothies and can’t wait to test out new recipes. But what if I told you that you could use your Vitamix for so much more? With your Vitamix blender, you can make just about … Continue reading Surprising Recipes You Can Make in A Vitamix

The Ultimate Buying Guide for a New TV

Originally Published: September 19, 2019Updated: February 16th, 2024 The first electronic television was invented in 1927 by a 21-year-old inventor named Philo Taylor Farnsworth. There was only one line on the screen. The first-ever television station started working in 1928 and by 1931 approximately 25 television stations in the United States were running. Television soon became a pillar of mass communication technology! Today televisions are … Continue reading The Ultimate Buying Guide for a New TV

Family leaving home and arming a Ring Security System

The Best Ring Devices for Your Smart Home Security System

Perhaps one of the most scary challenges as a homeowner is protecting your home from threats. According to data organized by the FBI Crime Data Reporter, there were 249,098 reported burglaries in the United States from January 2023 through June 2023. Other reports indicate there are over 2.5 million burglaries each year in the United States. However, installing a smart home security system can scare … Continue reading The Best Ring Devices for Your Smart Home Security System

A door-in-door refrigerator in a kitchen with light brown cabinetry

Your Guide to Buying a New Refrigerator

If you want a new refrigerator let Electronic Express help you pick the perfect one! Here is the ultimate refrigerator-buying guide. What To Look For When Buying A New Refrigerator How Much Should I Budget For A New Refrigerator? Your budget will depend on the type and size of refrigerator you’re looking for. In general, larger refrigerators will lean to the higher end of your … Continue reading Your Guide to Buying a New Refrigerator

Products Perfect for the Urban Gentleman

Do you consider yourself or someone you know an “urban gentleman”? A man who enjoys both the comforts and luxuries of home and the ruggedness of the outdoors? We’ve partnered with FindKeep.Love for their Urban Gentleman Sweepstakes. By entering, you have the chance to win $3,200 worth of prizes including a $400 Electronic Express gift card. Here are some of our picks of products that … Continue reading Products Perfect for the Urban Gentleman

Big Game Entertainment MVPs

Food? Check. Drinks? Check. High-end TV and sound system? Check. The biggest football game of the year is over a month away, but you can still get ready for it early by upgrading your entertainment system.  It’s important to have high-quality picture and sound so you can fully enjoy the game day experience, and we’re here to help. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite team, … Continue reading Big Game Entertainment MVPs

Keep It Cozy

Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to sunny and 75. The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, and the air is getting colder. Fall is usually my favorite time of year, but right now it seems like the temperature has dropped thirty degrees overnight. So, I’m breaking out my favorite cold-weather essentials a little early this year. What are they you might ask? … Continue reading Keep It Cozy

Halloween Is Here

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to pick out the perfect costume, stuff your face with Halloween candy, and hide behind a pillow while watching a scary movie. It also means getting you and your home ready for a creepy-good time. Whether you’re staying at home passing out candy, taking the kids trick-or-treating, or throwing a Halloween bash, we have some … Continue reading Halloween Is Here