New Must-Have Baby Products

What’s new to the Electronic Express family? All things baby essentials! Yep, you read that right. We now carry strollers, high chairs, cradles, gym mats, bassinets, etc. Everything you’re looking for and then some all in one place. Here are a few products you may not have expected to see on Strollers For most, safety is the number one thing when looking for the … Continue reading New Must-Have Baby Products

Waterproof Summer

Water activities usually limit the use of electronics. The whole ‘water destroying them’ thing can keep you from snapping those pics or playing your favorite song. Just because you’re wet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the things you love. Brands are acknowledging the importance of using electronics poolside or at the beach. Enter waterproof cameras, speakers, headphones and so much more… Ultimate … Continue reading Waterproof Summer

Hey Smart Home, What Can you Do?

“Hey Google…” “Alexa…” “Siri…” These are all phrases that have integrated into our lives and become a common dialogue you hear in homes these days. Growing up we watched shows like the Jetsons, movies like Disney’s Smart House, and dreamed of the days when technology advanced enough that we could be dependent on a robot to help us out. Well, folks, that day is here. … Continue reading Hey Smart Home, What Can you Do?

It’s Summer Time… What Next?

With summer basically here and many summer activities no longer an option, many parents are finding it difficult to keep the kids entertained. There’s plenty of options out there, but as a parent sometimes it’s hard to even put these thoughts together. So we’re doing some of the heavy lifting for you by coming up with a few ideas that will keep the kids busy … Continue reading It’s Summer Time… What Next?


You Can Do Better Than Your Phone

Why a Digital Camera Makes up for Your Phone’s Shortcomings The camera market has changed a lot over the last decade. A once thriving market for point and shoot cameras has all but disappeared with the explosion of far more than competent cameras in your average smartphone. However, you may have seen one segment of the market that hasn’t quite disappeared. These are your digital … Continue reading You Can Do Better Than Your Phone