Summer of Gaming

Beat the heat and stay inside for the summer of gaming! Today’s video game systems can introduce you to almost-real virtual words. Contrary to popular belief, video games can help improve your mental health. But of course if you sit in a chair for ten hours and play, that is not recommended, but video games overall can benefit people of all ages. Video games help you … Continue reading Summer of Gaming

Kitchen Packages Save Money

Kitchen packages are a great way to save money when you are looking into a new home, or maybe you are just looking to update your kitchen. Electronic Express kitchen appliance packages have everything you need. A typical package includes a refrigerator, range, microwave, and dishwasher. Kitchen packages on average can allow you to save hundreds to thousands of dollars! Electronic Express carries popular name … Continue reading Kitchen Packages Save Money

Track Your Fitness With a Fitbit

Step up your fitness goals, and lead a healthier and more active lifestyle with a stylish Fitbit. Fitbit tracks everything from the amount of exercise you do, how much food you eat, as well as your weight and sleeping patterns. Fitbits goals are to help find your fit, stay motivated and see how many steps can make a big impact. Fitbits are able to track … Continue reading Track Your Fitness With a Fitbit

Smile! June 29th is National Camera Day

Smile for the camera or maybe you the one taking the photo! But get ready, because June 29th is National Camer Day! Did you know the oldest known photograph of a human was taken in Paris in 1838? Fast forward, the start of digital cameras was designed by Kodak in 1975! Since then the camera has developed in some amazing ways! Check out some of … Continue reading Smile! June 29th is National Camera Day

Ten Must-Haves Kitchen Appliances

Looking to update your kitchen a little? Check out these ten must-have kitchen appliances! Refrigerators There are plenty of reasons why you should have a refrigerator one being the fundamental reason is to keep the food cold. Electronic Express carries a great selection of refrigerators, coming in French Door, Side-by-Side, Top Freezer and compact. Microwave Microwaves make a great house warming gift, especially if you … Continue reading Ten Must-Haves Kitchen Appliances

Don’t be a poser, try some yoga!

Namaste! June 21st, it #NationalYogaDay! Whether you a beginner or expert, yoga is a wonderful exercise for all shapes, sizes, and ages. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness. Yoga is not only an ancient physical practice but also a mental and spiritual one. Some of the physical benefits of yoga are: … Continue reading Don’t be a poser, try some yoga!

Run, Selfie, Run!

If you are looking for a healthier outlook in life, have you ever considered running? Running is one of the best exercises, calorie-burning, workouts you can ever do. Not only does to work out your body but also helps you mentally. Running has been shown to help keep the mind sharper, boosting memory as well as reducing the symptoms of dementia! A “selfie” describes the … Continue reading Run, Selfie, Run!

Top 10 Smart Home Essentials

Life is easier with technology. Don’t be dumb, stay up to date with the hottest and smartest trends, that are not only affordable but easy to use in your home. Home Hubs Stay connected and up to date on everything with a home hub product. Home Hub products from brands such as Google and Amazon are devices designed to make life a little bit easier. … Continue reading Top 10 Smart Home Essentials