Photography Essentials

#SayCheese! Whether you love to take selfies, photos of your friends, you are an amateur photographer or a professional, check out these photography essentials! Point & Shoot Cameras Point and shoot cameras can become a great travel companion! They are lightweight and portable. Point and shoot are great for capturing everything from inside and outside as well as taking photos of people. Point and shoot … Continue reading Photography Essentials

Stay Cozy with Bedroom Essentials

Fall 2019 is here, cozy up this season with these must-have bedroom essentials! Mattresses Fall in love with a better sleep with a better mattress. Electronic Express carries your favorite brand name mattresses from twin to California king! You spend one-third of your life in bed, make sure you are in a good one! Don’t know what to get? Take the find your bed survey, … Continue reading Stay Cozy with Bedroom Essentials

Wedding Gift Essentials

Whether you are a part of the wedding or just a guest to someone’s special day, get the couple a wonderful wedding day gift! Blenders Blenders are more than just for blending smoothies and milkshakes. Blender not only make great gifts for the newlyweds but they can also make sauces, salad dressings, soups, protein shakes, and grind coffee beans and mix up some alcoholic drinks. … Continue reading Wedding Gift Essentials

Anniversary Gift Essentials

Don’t know what to get your boo thing for your anniversary? Electronic Express is the one-stop-shop for the perfect anniversary gift. Ditch the flowers and chocolate and get them something they will love and that you both can use! WATCHES People that wear watches have an elegant style. Keep time with a high precision quartz movement wristwatch. Styles for both men and women, at prices … Continue reading Anniversary Gift Essentials

Is your refrigerator running?

Is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it. A household on average replaces the refrigerator between every ten to twenty years. If your refrigerator is from the 90s era, it might be time to replace it. A refrigerator is a must-have household appliance, how else are you going to store fresh produce, deli meats, and leftovers? Although they are built to last a while, … Continue reading Is your refrigerator running?

10 Tailgating Essentials

Portable Grills Be the life of the party with the convenience of a portable grill. What’s a tailgate party without some grilling? A portable grill is a must-have for tailgating. When you think of sporting events, you might be thinking about snack foods! Make some mean burgers, juicy hotdogs, and sausages, tasty chops and steaks as well are some vegetables like corn on the cobb, … Continue reading 10 Tailgating Essentials