Back to College Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget!

Whether you’re dorm shopping for the first time, prepping to commute for your senior year, or going back to college after years, you’ll need to pick up a few things before you head back to campus! For your dorm It’s no secret that dorm living oftentimes comes without a kitchen. Because of this, you may have to get inventive at meal times! For your studies … Continue reading Back to College Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget!

Black Cyber Christmas Super Month

Well, it’s been quite a year, to say the least. Any plans or ideas we thought we had for 2020 were quickly squashed and has left all of us in a state of constant confusion. And now that we’re reaching the final stretch, it brings about new questions and concerns. What are the holidays going to look like? Is Black Friday still happening? Can I … Continue reading Black Cyber Christmas Super Month

Choosing the Right Gaming Laptop

When trying to decide on the best gaming laptop for yourself, we know there are many choices to make. What size laptop do you want? What processor? What graphics card? So many options, how do you know which one is best? Well, don’t worry. There’s something for everyone, from beginner to advanced, so let’s take a moment and look at some of the things to … Continue reading Choosing the Right Gaming Laptop

15 Items You’ve Been Calling by the Wrong Name

“If it’s not from iRobot, it’s not a Roomba” In 2002, iRobot created the Roomba robot vacuum, making this previously unpopularized technology a household name. Since then countless brands have created robot vacuums, flooding the market, and households, with this new vacuum standard. And it’s a common misconception that robot vacuums are called “Roomba”. We’re probably all guilty of doing this at least once. But … Continue reading 15 Items You’ve Been Calling by the Wrong Name

Back to (Virtual) School

The last few months have been a big adjustment to us all, and going back to school is going to be no exception. Virtual school means more technology and less face-to-face interactions, which also means that back to school supplies are more unique than ever before. Technological requirements are vital to a successful classroom experience, and Electronic Express is here to help you find the … Continue reading Back to (Virtual) School

HP Technology Makes Life Better

HP is one of the world’s leading technology companies. A friendship started through a camping trip between Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Together they formed HP! They started to rent a space in a garage and in just two short years they went from the garage to an office space in Palo Alto, California! One of HP first’s client ever was the magical man, Walt … Continue reading HP Technology Makes Life Better

Choosing the Right Tablet

Tablets have been around since the 1980s but were not very popular until the 2010s. Companies such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google have forms of tablets. Tablets are great for traveling for they are lightweight and portable and not as heavy as a laptop. Tablets work with Wi-Fi and 3G networks, and just like a smartphone. Most tablets provide a decent amount of storage, so … Continue reading Choosing the Right Tablet

Back to School Shopping – College Students

Whether you are just starting college, a college transfer or plan on graduating in the spring semester, college is a time of growth and to help build a better education for yourself. While it can be confusing Electronic Express wants to help take the stress off from that long shopping list you might have. Here are the MUST-HAVES for college students for class! View Laptops … Continue reading Back to School Shopping – College Students

Build Your Own Man Cave

Thinking about building your own man cave? Here is a great guide to get what you need! Electronic Express has a great selection of furniture! Sit back and relax in a massage chair, or kick up your feet on an ottoman. Big lover of movies and films? We carry a great selection of projectors! Imagine a never-expanding television set. Through a high-quality projector, you can easily … Continue reading Build Your Own Man Cave

Tech-Savvy Graduation Gifts

Graduation season is among us! Electronic Express wants to wish all the seniors in both high-school and college a big congratulations! Get the grad something they will surely love! Whether they are on the next adventure to living in a dorm room in the fall or moving into their first apartment or landing their first post-college job, let them know how proud you are of … Continue reading Tech-Savvy Graduation Gifts