Top 10 Smart Home Essentials

Life is easier with technology. Don’t be dumb, stay up to date with the hottest and smartest trends, that are not only affordable but easy to use in your home.

Home Hubs

Stay connected and up to date on everything with a home hub product. Home Hub products from brands such as Google and Amazon are devices designed to make life a little bit easier. They are voice-operated and are usually connected by Bluetooth technology. Hook your smartphone with a hub and other smart devices for your home, and control everything from your lights to your TV, you can set timers as well. Different hubs come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, but they also all work as speakers, so ask your hub to play your favorite song, band or playlist!

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings are different products since as sensors, buttons, Wi-Fi packs, and more. They are easy devices are great to help control lights, appliances, and connect devices at the touch of a button. Update your Wi-Fi that can cover homes up to 4,5000 square feet. A really cool thing about Samsung SmartThings is that they are able to save energy by restricting power to electronics or appliances.


Smart Outlets can remotely turn on and off devices, as well as scheduled electronics such as lamps, fans, or coffee machines. Outlets can set to automatically turn on and off at scheduled times, which is great if your out of town for a few days.


Control your lights from anywhere from your tablet or your smartphone. Some light bulbs come in different colors in various light settings. Meaning you can match your mood to the lights, whether you’re reading a book, or watching a movie.


If you want to keep an eye on things while you are away either at work or on vacation, then you need a smart doorbell! Smart doorbells give you the reinsurance that you are safe and secure, and so is your home. These doorbells are more convenient than regular doorbells because you can answer from anywhere whether you are in the house or not, all through your smartphone!

Door Locks

Secure your home all from your smartphone. Smart door locks, are an added convenience whenever you left the house.


Stay up to date on weather reports and even hourly day forecasts with a smart thermostat. Set your home to the perfect temperature all from your smartphone. Maintain the balance in your home or office temperatures to reduce energy usage and increase savings on annual heating and cooling costs.

Security Cameras

Prevent home invasions, monitor your property and keep an eye on your kids and pets all through security cameras. In case of a break in you have helpful evidence, that can be digitally stored, and help give you peace of mind.

Pet Feeders

Staying late at work one night? Don’t worry your pet feeder can send out treats and put food in their bowl all through your smartphone!

Smart TVs

A smart TV is a must-have for any home. Not only you can watch cable TV you can also download apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more to watch more of your favorite shows and movies. Smart TVs also allow you to stream music. Your entertainment options are endless.