Refresh Your Home for Spring with these 6 Tips!

Spring is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to refresh your home. Whether you just need to tidy up, or you’re ready for a complete kitchen renovation, Electronic Express is here to help! Declutter Before you’re able to clean and refresh your space, you’ll need to declutter things you no longer use. Start by going through each room and making a pile of items … Continue reading Refresh Your Home for Spring with these 6 Tips!

How to Stay Cool and Sleep Well all Summer

According to research, keeping your room cool not only helps you stay asleep through the night, but also increases your quality of sleep by aiding your body’s sleep cycles, such as encouraging longer REM cycles (which is when you dream). This summer has had record high temperatures! Use these tips to stay cool and sleep well even on the hottest summer nights! Increase Air Circulation … Continue reading How to Stay Cool and Sleep Well all Summer

5 Things You Need This Fall

I don’t know about you, but fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves are turning the most beautiful array of yellows, reds, and oranges. The temperatures are cold enough to wear light layers, jackets, and beanies, but not too cold that you can’t feel your face. It’s a season of thinking about what you’re grateful for mixed with the anticipation of Christmas right … Continue reading 5 Things You Need This Fall

Black Cyber Christmas Super Month

Well, it’s been quite a year, to say the least. Any plans or ideas we thought we had for 2020 were quickly squashed and has left all of us in a state of constant confusion. And now that we’re reaching the final stretch, it brings about new questions and concerns. What are the holidays going to look like? Is Black Friday still happening? Can I … Continue reading Black Cyber Christmas Super Month

10 Things You Didn’t Know We Have

Say you just bought a house, but you don’t have ANYTHING for it. You’re thinking about all the stores you have to go to get appliances, furniture, beds, cookware, etc. So much to do, so many places to go, how do you make it all work? Easy. We’ve got you. Everything from pet products to major appliances, Electronic Express is your one-stop-shop for not just … Continue reading 10 Things You Didn’t Know We Have

Stay Cozy with Bedroom Essentials

Fall 2019 is here, cozy up this season with these must-have bedroom essentials! Mattresses Fall in love with a better sleep with a better mattress. Electronic Express carries your favorite brand name mattresses from twin to California king! You spend one-third of your life in bed, make sure you are in a good one! Don’t know what to get? Take at look at all of … Continue reading Stay Cozy with Bedroom Essentials

House bought, what else do you need?

Congratulations you bought your first home or you moved into a new home! May you find great happiness at your new address, may you also find the must-haves you need for your new place. Unfortunately, not all new homes come with the bells and whistles or maybe you got the house but it’s just not your sense of style, and you want to update or … Continue reading House bought, what else do you need?

Replace Your Mattress

You might be guilty of never changing your mattress. Suggested by The Better Sleep Council, your body may be ready for a new mattress even before the suggested 7-year mark! Mattresses were not designed to last forever, and excessive wear and tear will age a product faster. Even with owning a top of a line mattress, it will eventually need replacing. Since you spend one-third … Continue reading Replace Your Mattress

Ashley Signature Design Furniture – Part 2

Electronic Express is known for our electronics, especially in TV and home theater as well as major appliances but we also are more than just gadgets! We carry the one and only Ashley signature design furniture!  Turn your house into a home with Ashley Signature Design Furniture! Display your television on an Ashley Signature Design Trinell 63″ large TV stand with optional fireplace. The Trinell TV stand is … Continue reading Ashley Signature Design Furniture – Part 2