Transform Your Living Room with the Latest Trends in Home Entertainment!

At Electronic Express, we’re committed to helping you stay at the forefront of home entertainment trends. With our wide range of products and expert guidance, you can transform your living room into an awe-inspiring entertainment space. Get ready to embrace the latest trends in home entertainment and embark on an unforgettable journey of cinematic experiences, immersive gameplay, and boundless streaming possibilities. Get ready to be … Continue reading Transform Your Living Room with the Latest Trends in Home Entertainment!

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7 Tips for Making Your Home Smarter than Ever

In today’s day and age it seems like almost everything is “smart”. Smart watches, smart phones, smart vacuums, even smart homes! Electronic Express has everything you need to make your home smarter than ever, whether you’re a newbie, or a self-proclaimed “techie”. Smart Lighting Smart lighting is one of the simplest ways to upgrade your home. Control your lights with the touch of an in-app … Continue reading 7 Tips for Making Your Home Smarter than Ever

Light Up Your Life With Smart Lighting

Smart home gadgets are just about everywhere these days – from doorbells to thermostats to speakers and more, you can control and automate most of your home without lifting a finger. One of the easiest ways to jump onto the smart home bandwagon is upgrading to smart lighting. Smart lighting is great for creating mood and atmosphere in any room of your home. You can … Continue reading Light Up Your Life With Smart Lighting

Black Cyber Christmas Super Month

Well, it’s been quite a year, to say the least. Any plans or ideas we thought we had for 2020 were quickly squashed and has left all of us in a state of constant confusion. And now that we’re reaching the final stretch, it brings about new questions and concerns. What are the holidays going to look like? Is Black Friday still happening? Can I … Continue reading Black Cyber Christmas Super Month

National Crime Prevention Month

October is National Crime Prevention Month, and keeping you and your family safe is our priority. From full security systems to video doorbells, we want to make sure you have everything you need to guarantee your home is safe. So to honor this month, let’s take a look at some of the things you can add to your home to ensure this. Whole Home Security … Continue reading National Crime Prevention Month

Hey Smart Home, What Can you Do?

“Hey Google…” “Alexa…” “Siri…” These are all phrases that have integrated into our lives and become a common dialogue you hear in homes these days. Growing up we watched shows like the Jetsons, movies like Disney’s Smart House, and dreamed of the days when technology advanced enough that we could be dependent on a robot to help us out. Well, folks, that day is here. … Continue reading Hey Smart Home, What Can you Do?

House bought, what else do you need?

Congratulations you bought your first home or you moved into a new home! May you find great happiness at your new address, may you also find the must-haves you need for your new place. Unfortunately, not all new homes come with the bells and whistles or maybe you got the house but it’s just not your sense of style, and you want to update or … Continue reading House bought, what else do you need?

Google Buying Guide

Google has become more than just a search engine bar and known for being a cool place to work. But Google has slowly but surely have put out some incredible products for your home, to make life a little bit easier! Rather than just doing a Google search on today’s weather, now you can say, “Hey Google what’s today’s weather like?”. Electronic Express has what … Continue reading Google Buying Guide