Hey Smart Home, What Can you Do?

“Hey Google…”



These are all phrases that have integrated into our lives and become a common dialogue you hear in homes these days. Growing up we watched shows like The Jetsons, movies like Disney’s Smart House, and dreamed of the days when technology advanced enough that we could be dependent on a robot to help us out. Well, folks, that day is here. Almost.

Smart assistants made their way into the world in 2011 with the introduction of Siri on the iPhone 4S. It was revolutionary to have a virtual assistant that could call, text, search, etc. all without us lifting a finger. And since then, the capabilities of what virtual assistants can do has grown exponentially. They’re no longer just on phones. Devices like the Google Nest Home and Amazon Echo have put that virtual assistant inside our homes, meeting more than just the needs of phone calls and texts (although they can still do that as well).

Google Home Mini

Smaller devices like the Google Nest Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are probably the most common of all the devices since they are inconspicuous and can be hidden if need be. Larger devices like the Google Nest Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show feature screens that display any information you can think of and can become a centerpiece in your home. These devices provide a solid introduction to the world of having a smart home.

Google Nest Thermostat E
Ring Doorbell Pro
August Connect Pro

To take it a step further, these devices can now be connected to essential household items. Lightbulbs, outlets, thermostats, doorbells, locks. These are all items that each and every one of us have in our homes. By going smart and connecting these devices to your smart assistant, you have the freedom and ability to control your home, whether you’re there or not! Smart assistants also allow you to set schedules with every one of these devices, so at the end of the day the lights turn off, doors lock, and the thermostat sets automatically. You don’t have to do a thing!

Imagine laying in bed at the end of the day and you start questioning, “Did I lock the front door?” Now, you don’t even have to get out of bed to check. Simply open an app and in seconds you have your answer. And if you did forget to lock it, boom, another few seconds and that’s done as well, and you never even left your bed. Or imagine you’re on the couch watching TV. You hear the doorbell ring, but you’re way too comfortable to get up and check who it is. Open an app and the video doorbell can show exactly who is standing at your door. And with two-way audio, you can have a conversation with them. The possibilities are endless with a connected smart home.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor

You want to go even further than that and have a FULLY connected smart home? Security systems. Yep, they make those smart now as well. Whether you choose wired or wireless, these camera systems ensure every angle of your property is covered, and give you full access to see what’s going on at ANY time via your phone. Including extras like outdoor smart lighting ensures your property is not only covered but also able to ward off any unwanted visitors.

The Ring Floodlight, for example, uses motion sensors to detect when someone is in your yard and will turn on the floodlight. An alert is sent to your phone and since it has a camera and two-way audio built-in, you can let the visitor know you see them. You can keep your home and family safe with a system that gives you 100% control and access 100% of the time.

Smart home technology has advanced a lot over the last decade, and we’ve watched as life has become easier, more secure, and customizable to our individual needs. The next decade is sure to bring even more advancements that will free us up for the things we want to do while providing more security for the things we love.


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