A Guide to Your Best Beach Trip

We all know there are MUST-HAVES for going on a trip, especially when going to the beach, and the first thing you’ll need is a checklist to keep track of it all. You need a hat, sunscreen, a book, etc. Even if you love the sun, you need some type of shade like a beach umbrella or tent. You’ll need something to put your cool drinks in (always stay hydrated) and something to carry your beach stuff in easily. Or your waterproof shoes and a quick change of clothes if you want a quick bite to eat. These are all things you might forget. To help, we’ve created a guide to prepare you for your next beach trip.

Stay Hydrated

Picture this. You’re on the beach. The sun is shining down and the cool breeze is blowing on your face. But then, you’re very thirsty and the only thing you have is a warm water bottle. Gross. You can’t let this happen. As many know, a YETI cooler is a staple for any trip to the beach. If you’re walking to your destination, we suggest a Soft Cooler. If you’re hosting people on a boat, pontoon, etc, we suggest a Hard Cooler. And of course, don’t forget a YETI Tumbler. And guess what…we have a YETI folding chair as well (yes, those exist). To keep the sand off, take a YETI Lowlands Blanket with you. It has a waterproof utility layer on one side and it’s SUPER comfortable.

Stay Connected and Entertained

The last thing you want to have happen is your phone dies, whether on a vacation or not. It has your camera, your podcasts, not to mention all of your social media. Don’t let the streaming drain your battery. Keep a wireless charger with you. And if you want a little music for your beach party, a JBL Speaker is what you need. The only thing you may be missing is a margarita and a sombrero. 

Capture the Moments 

After your vacation ends, you don’t want to be the person saying, “I didn’t take enough pictures”. If you want high-quality photos, get a high-quality camera. We have a Canon bundle for beginners or a Canon EOS 80D for you experts out there. If you are an impatient person (like myself), get a Canon IVY CLIQ—you’ll have prints instantly. Or if you want to stick with your phone, you’ll need a Selfie Stick to include everyone in your crew.   

Wishing you the best memories on your trip.

Your friends at EE.

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