It’s Summer Time… What Next?

With summer basically here and many summer activities no longer an option, many parents are finding it difficult to keep the kids entertained. There’s plenty of options out there, but as a parent sometimes it’s hard to even put these thoughts together. So we’re doing some of the heavy lifting for you by coming up with a few ideas that will keep the kids busy and your thoughts clear.

Use Their Imagination to Your Advantage


Let their imaginations run wild with Magna-Tiles. These colorful shapes that connect magnetically give endless possibilities for the creative juices to flow freely. Your kids will have hours of fun creating 3D castles, boats, animals, you name it. They’re even known for developing math, science, spatial and tactile skills, so not only are your little ones having fun, they’re developing too. Talk about a win-win situation.

And if you’re looking for another way to let their imaginations run wild, LEGO sets are a guaranteed way to keep them entertained for hours. There’s cars, planes, buildings, cities; anything your kids could want to build. There are even sets from their favorite movies like Toy Story 4, Frozen, and Avengers.

Burn off All That Energy

Two little blond kid boys playing together board game at home. Funny siblings having fun. Twins and best friends, toddlers learning interact, win and lose.

Maybe they need a little competition to wear out all that energy we wished we all still had? Get them outside and moving with the Odyssey hovering soccer ball set. We all know a good run around the yard makes for a good naptime. Board games like Ticket to Ride, Catan Junior, or the Simon Air Game will keep them mentally going until they can’t go anymore.

If you’re looking to just get them out of the house and keep them entertained, create a fun scavenger hunt. With the Odyssey My First Camera, they have can take as many pictures as they want without using up your phone’s camera roll. Create a list of items or tasks for them to find or create, and have them take pictures as they finish each. This is the perfect opportunity to keep them busy so you have some time to knock things off the adult version of a scavenger hunt list, or simply relax because well, you truly deserve it.

Go on an Adventure

Looking for a fun weekend activity? Go on an adventure. Hiking, fishing, camping (even if it’s in the backyard) are all great ways to spend that beloved family time. Yeti has an incredible line of kids water bottles that are durable enough to withstand any adventure. So no more having to share your water and running out halfway through the adventure. Although let’s be real, this will still happen because there’s just something special about mom and dad’s water…

Maybe leaving the house isn’t the best option for you. That’s okay. You can still create an adventure indoors with the tried and true blanket fort. Clear the living room floor and gather chairs, pillows, blankets, and sheets from around the house. Put it all together to create a fort that will make you the coolest parent EVER. Not to mention, your kids will never want to leave it.

We understand it can be hard to constantly have to come up with ways to keep your kids busy when school is out. Our hope is that these ideas can ease that burden, even just a little bit.

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