Top 10 Car Essentials

Beep, beep! Toot, toot! To make your car go, vroom, vroom. Here are the top ten must-have for car essentials! Car Stereos Car stereos will bring new excitement to your vehicle. We carry car stereos with quality, to keep you rocking to your favorite music, or listen to your favorite radio shows and podcasts. Many of these stereos have built-in Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary capabilities. … Continue reading Top 10 Car Essentials

10 Essentials for Kids

For parents, toys are a big part of children’s development. For kids, they love toys! Electronic Express has kid-friendly products from tablets, games, toys, and even Bluetooth speakers all designed for kids. For new parents, we also offer bottles, sippy cups, and baby products! LEGO There is much more to Legos then just building blocks. Legos promote motor skills, allowing kids to practice connecting pieces … Continue reading 10 Essentials for Kids

Make the Grade – Back to School Essentials

Laptops Electronic Express carries laptops from popular brands like Apple, Asus, HP, Acer, Dell, Microsoft, LG, and others. Laptops also come in different styles, depending on what you are studying you should find a laptop that fits the best to your needs like notebooks, chrome books, and even tablet ¬†PCs. Laptop Cases Protect your laptop at all costs with a laptop case! From 13″ and … Continue reading Make the Grade – Back to School Essentials

Top 10 Health & Fitness Essentials

Are you living your best and healthiest life? Exercise Machine Break a sweat in the comfort of your home own with an exercise machine. Electronic Express carries machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, rowers and hybrid trainer machines. Smart Watches Track your goals such as your calorie intake, steps, and workout all through your wrist. Smartwatches are a must-have for fitness essentials and to … Continue reading Top 10 Health & Fitness Essentials

Top 10 Gaming Essentials

Desktops & Monitors Power up with a desktop and monitor for gaming. Desktops and monitors tend to be more powerful than your general gaming console. Laptops Take gaming on the go with a gaming laptop. Cutting-edge laptops combine vibrant HD screens with fast processors and SSD hard drives for lightning-fast boot times and operating speeds. Headsets Stay connected with the gaming community while playing games … Continue reading Top 10 Gaming Essentials

Top 10 BBQ Essentials

Make this summer one to remember with the 10 must-have BBQ essentials. Electronic Express has what you need to make sure you can throw the best summer BBQ! Grills What’s a BBQ without a grill? We carry popular brands of grillers such as CharBroil and Broil King. Did you know grilling foods is actually a healthier way to cook? Grilled meats have less fat than … Continue reading Top 10 BBQ Essentials