Top 10 BBQ Essentials

Make this summer one to remember with the 10 must-have BBQ essentials. Electronic Express has what you need to make sure you can throw the best summer BBQ!


What’s a BBQ without a grill? We carry popular brands of grillers such as CharBroil and Broil King. Did you know grilling foods is actually a healthier way to cook? Grilled meats have less fat than frying or even baking because the fat drips off the food as it cooks! Throw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill, call up some friends, and you instantly have a party!

Grill Accessories

Flip your burgers easily, turn the hotdogs without a problem, and enjoy roasting ribs on a rack! We have all the grill accessories you will ever need. To make things easier we even sell barbecue kit grill sets!

Outdoor Furniture

Sit back and relax outside with some furniture available in store and online! We have seating as well as tables to make your outdoors cozy and comfortable.

Beverage Centers

Keep the drinks cold with a beverage center! What’s a party without a drink?


Are you going to a BBQ instead? Bring your cooler, and stock up on your favorite drinks for the party. You could never have too much ice, especially on a hot summer day!


Not much of a griller? Smoke your foods such as meats, cheeses, and more with an Oklahoma Joe smoker, or a Broil King Smoker!

Misting Fans

Have you and your guests stay cool even when it’s hot outside with a misting fan! The misting fan is perfect for those hot summer days, that provide cooling comfort.

Rock Speakers

Have your speaker blend in with your backyard with a rock speaker! Rock speakers sync to your favorite device, so no cords are needed! These are also waterproof designed, so they can even hang out around the pool.


Block out the sun and the grill haters, when you’re protecting your eyes when you’re grilling or just chilling.

Folding Chairs

Party of one? Nothing wrong with just a folding chair in the backyard, take a break while you’re grilling. Get yourself a folding chair that is perfect for outdoor adventures!