Make the Grade – Back to School Essentials


Electronic Express carries laptops from popular brands like Apple, Asus, HP, Acer, Dell, Microsoft, LG, and others. Laptops also come in different styles, depending on what you are studying you should find a laptop that fits the best to your needs like notebooks, chrome books, and even tablet  PCs.

Laptop Cases

Protect your laptop at all costs with a laptop case! From 13″ and up, and a great variety of colors, we have a case that will fit your laptop comfortably and stylish.


Tablets are great for both getting work done as well as the convenience of reading books, watching movies, and even playing games. Tablets are great for their high-end specifications to keep batteries lasting longer, than a smartphone or a laptop.


Fit your laptop, textbook, and notebooks all in a backpack that won’t break your back or your bank account.

Kids Activity Tracker

Kid’s activity tracker is a great way to encourage kids to keep on moving! Coming in different styles and patterns are great for kids of all ages.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers connect to your phone or device wirelessly via Bluetooth and are battery powered for cord-free operation.

Graphic Calculator

Count on graphic calculators at exam time. You can use this TI graphing calculator on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT college entrance exams and AP tests and the IB exam.


Don’t get tangled up in your headphone wire, instead just pop in your AirPods.  AirPods deliver the wireless headphone experience, reimagined.

Mini Fridges

Mini-fridges are great for students! Best known for a dorm room staple, they are great to keep students store leftovers, cold drinks, and snacks.


Making food got a lot easier with a microwave. Microwaves are great for quick and easy meals, snacks, and to heat up leftovers. Microwaves are also great for cleaning sponges, cutting boards, and even warming up towels and steaming vegetables. Microwaves are a life safer!