2017 Samsung TV Differences (MU-Series)

Have you been wondering what the differences are between the various Samsung TV models? We’re here to simply things for you.

First, all of these TVs have 4K Ultra HD resolution, and all (except the MU9000) are available with either flat or curved screens.

Starting with the first model in the MU-series, we’ll share the features that all of the models in the series have. Then, for each successive model we’ll share what’s different about it compared to the previous model.

MU6300 (Flat) / MU6500 (Curved)

The first model in the MU-series offers impressive color processing, HDR, and dark blacks. Here are links to the flat and curved versions.

Samsung Smart Hub 2017

Smart Hub

Built-in Wi-Fi & streaming software stream TV shows and movies over the Internet.

Samsung Motion Rate Example

120 Motion Rate

Reduces blurring in fast moving scenes for a clearer picture.

4K Color Drive

Interprets the video signal and decides which colors go into each pixel of the TV, aiming to produce a vibrant and pure picture.

4K HDR Pro

Experience a wide range of color and contrast, letting you clearly distinguish the transition from dark to light.

Samsung Essential Black Pro

Essential Black Pro

Provides deeper shades of black in the picture—particularly good for shadowy or night scenes. The color will be closer to true black than gray.


3 HDMI + 2 USB

MU7000 (Flat) / MU7500 (Curved)

Stepping up to the 7000 models, you get an improved design and a wider color gamut to better reproduce lifelike images. Check out the flat and curved models.

Upgrade: 4K Color Drive Pro

Reveals a wider spectrum of colors, creating a more authentic and realistic picture.

Samsung 360 Degree Design

New: 360º Design

Stylish whether on the stand or mounted on a wall. Both the front and back of the TV have an appealing design and finish.

MU8000 (Flat) / MU8500 (Curved)

The MU-series really breaks out in the 8000 models, upgrading nearly every component of the TV for lifelike images. Plus, it gets rid of unsightly cables with a clever cable management system. Here you can view the flat and curved models.

Upgrade: 4K Color Drive Extreme

This processor is displays even more colors—up to a billion more shades than standard 4K—for a hyper-realistic picture.

Upgrade: 4K HDR Extreme

Contrast improves, showing brighter brights and darker darks.

Upgrade: Triple Black

Produces darker blacks—closer to true black than the previous model.

Upgrade: 240 Motion Rate

Traditionally blurry scenes from fast motion become even smoother.

Upgrade: Inputs

4 HDMI + 3 USB (1 additional HDMI and 1 additional USB compared to previous models)

Samsung Cable Management

New: Cable Management

Clutter is eliminated for a clean look by routing cables through the TV stand, hiding them from view.

Samsung One Connect (Mini)

New: OneConnect Box (Mini)

A separate box is provided to connect all your devices to so that a single cable is run to the TV—all the others are out of sight!


MU9000 (Flat Only)

The 9000 models have the absolute best image quality among the MU-series. If you want better, you’ll need to look at Samsung’s (excellent) QLED models. There’s only one type: flat.

Upgrade: Triple Black Extreme

This model offers the deepest & darkest blacks in the lineup. When a villain hides in the shadows or the camera pans to the night sky you will see the truest representation of black on screen.

Here’s a handy chart for the whole series:

2017 Samsung TV Comparison Chart for MU-Series