Epic Summer Grilling with Vision Kamado Grills

Are you ready to step up your barbecue game with a kamado grill?

Why Kamado Grills Rock


  • Kamados accommodate multiple types of cooking: searing, grilling, smoking, and baking.
  • Kamados cook multiple types of food: meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables.
  • Kamados lock in moisture and infuse different tastes into your foods.
  • Kamados cook within a large temperature range, from low temperature smoking to extremely high temperature searing.

Kamado History


A kamado (竈) is a traditional Japanese cook stove made of clay and fueled by wood or charcoal. Archaeologists have discovered clay stoves dating back to 4,000 years ago in the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilization. The mushikamado is a portable kamado on wheels that enjoys popularity in southern Japan. Americans discovered this portable kamado after World War II and brought the design back to the United States where it now enjoys popularity as a premium barbecue grill.

Built to Last

Vision Grills bring the kamado design into the 21st century with improved venting and high tech ceramics. A recurring issue with traditional kamados is the brittleness of clay, resulting in frequent cracking. Vision Grills have upgraded to thick superior ceramic, which in addition to preventing cracking also locks in heat so you can grill with high temperatures in southern summers and northern winters alike. All this new technology still adheres to the proven design. Simple is better.


ProZone Technology

The most innovative attribute of Vision Grills is the ProZone. This is where you start, operate, and end grilling with your Vision Grill. Three innovative features are contained in the ProZone: an electric starter port, precision smoking and grilling knobs, and a removable ash drawer.


Quick & Easy Electric Start

If you’re a seasoned charcoal griller you are probably familiar with the chimney starter—a cylinder that is used to start your charcoal, which you then have to dump into the grill while not burning yourself. Things are simpler with a Vision Grill: after placing your (cold) coals in the grill, simply insert the electric starter which will start your coals in 8 – 12 minutes. No fuss, no mess. After the coals are started, spread the coals evenly and let your kamado grill settle into the new temperature for 10 minutes and you’re ready to go!

Simple & Precise Temperature Control

Vision Grills are controlled by adjusting the calibrated top and bottom vents. The more air you let into the fire, the hotter it will become. The knobs are great because they take out the guesswork of controlling your grill’s temperature. Here’s how easy it is:


The top vent controls the exhaust. If you’re grilling or searing, keep the top vent fully open to keep the airflow moving through the fire in order to maintain a high temperature. If you’re smoking, barely open the top vent. This will keep the temperature low and the smoke inside with your food for that great smoked flavor and slow cooking.

The bottom vent controls the intake. If you’re searing, keep it fully open for searing temperatures. If you’re grilling, keep it half or less open for a moderate temperature. And if you’re smoking, keep it closed or barely open so that the coals stay lit, but don’t burn too hot.

Both the top and bottom vents are clearly marked for easy identification.

Easy Cleanup


Say goodbye to the mess of scooping out the burned ashes. Vision Grills capture all the ashes in a giant ashtray. When the grill is cool, just remove the ashtray and dispose of the ashes without the mess.

Quickly Convert to Gas


We all love the great taste of a charcoal-fired grill, but sometimes—like busy weekdays—it would be nice to have the convenience of gas. Thankfully, with a Vision grill all you have to do is swap out the charcoal ProZone for a Quickchange Gas Insert (sold separately). The Quickchange Gas Insert easily slides into the grill and includes a lava stone heat diffuser, stainless steel bracket, and caddy cart for your propane canister. You’ll be ready to grill in mere minutes. And when you’re ready to switch back to charcoal, just swap out the gas insert for your ProZone. It’s as simple (and quick) as that.

Perfect for Baking Pizza


Visit any trendy pizza place and you’ll find a wood-fired oven. The ceramic dome and wood coals of a Vision grill emulate this environment for a delicious pizza with a perfectly crisp crust and that subtle smoke flavor everyone enjoys. Toss in the optional pizza stone and let your Vision grill fully preheat to get the real pizza oven effect. The coals will be pushing a lot of heat quickly, but remember to let the ceramics heat up to the same temperature for the best pizza in the neighborhood.

U.S. Based Customer Service

If you have a question about or an issue with your Vision grill, it will be solved by a customer service team here in the United States!

TIP: Use Natural Lump Charcoal

We recommend using natural lump charcoal in your Vision grill to achieve the best results. Compared to briquettes, natural lump charcoal starts faster, burns cleaner, burns longer, burns hotter, and produces less ash. And on top of all that, if you have any leftover charcoal in the grill after you’re done, all you have to do is knock the ashes off of it next time and you can relight it!


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