A white kitchen built with JennAir a beverage cooler, a dishwasher, and an undercounter microwave.

Luxury Appliance Brand Buying Guide: JennAir

An Introduction to Luxury JennAir Appliances and Their Features


JennAir founder, Louis J. Jenn, revolutionized kitchen ranges by designing the downdraft cooking range in 1965. Using similar ventilation technology, JennAir has pushed the boundaries of luxury appliances for over 50 years.

Their unique designs are bound by nothing, always crafting experiences that have never been seen before. Their designs evoke connection and emotive responses as you engage with them. Owning a JennAir is more than owning an appliance, it’s adding a presence to your home that compounds your space into something more than the sum of its parts.

The Luxury of JennAir

What sets JennAir’s high-end appliances apart is its design expressions that represent, revolutionize, and embody the unconventional luxury of the brand.

JennAir’s two flagship design expressions are RISE™ and NOIR™. Additionally, they offer limited edition statement pieces allowing owners to create enviable luxury with detailed and exclusive artistry in each appliance.

The Design Expressions


RISE is as close to traditional as JennAir gets. Appliances of this design line are made with mixed metals–brass on stainless steel–creating eye-catching contrast within rugged dimensions. Each touchpoint claims the spotlight with tactile and visual details that demand and deserve attention.

Jason Tippets, Global Brand Design Director at JennAir says that with RISE, every detail embodies the energy of doing things differently.

Michael S. Seeley, Global Brands Design Manager at JennAir, emphasizes that handles aren’t just handles on a RISE appliance. Tippets says that the custom knurling on RISE handles were inspired by knurling found in jewelry like bracelets and watches.

RISE’s handles are engineered with a unique reverse diamond knurling that is truly unique. 

Tippets describes that when you go to grasp the handle, you’ll feel a little of the refined grooves–creating a surprisingly soft and organic feeling despite the highly machined design.

A close up of the custom asymmetrical knurled handle on a JennAir RISE range oven.

But the rebellion doesn’t stop there. One spotlight feature of RISE cooktops and ranges further embodies the expression of rebellion and quality. The geometrically styled burner grates stand against traditional “spider” range grates. Additionally, the knobs are made with halo lights that illuminate the carefully selected brushed metal.

As Seeley said, “RISE says ‘Look at me. Not only do I perform, but I look great doing it.’ “


“As someone approaches NOIR, they’ve already had an experience with it,” said Tippets.

About NOIR, Seeley said, “We have this…beauty from afar, and then as you approach you have this pause. You start to take in the details of what thoughtfulness has gone into the product.”

Using similar bold construction and strong angles, NOIR surprises as you take it in. It’s a mystery that unfolds into a work of art as you experience the details visually and haptically. Watch as the lace motif distills on the reflective surfaces, and observe as the subtle pattern creates the lightest of textures as you grasp or turn a handle.

The range knobs create further surprises. They’re designed with a concave surface and finished with a reflective shine, so when you go to turn a knob, you realize there’s more space there than you thought. In your kitchen, NOIR will stand as an alluring masterpiece.

Custom Panel-Ready Designs

JennAir is for the rebels, the mold-breakers, and the unbound. Carve your own aesthetic with their line of panel-ready kitchen appliances. Choose from RISE, NOIR, or work with a builder to make your vision a reality.

Experience JennAir at Electronic Express

Words can only do so much to describe the beauty of these product design expressions. To experience JennAir’s award-winning luxury designs, visit the Electronic Express Appliance Showroom in our home office where our team of concierge buyers will help you discover the perfect appliance for your project.

Luxury Kitchen Appliances by JennAir


A RISE cooking range with a hood vent above it.

Much more than just a cooking appliance for heating and preparing food. A JennAir range is your kitchen’s heart, making connecting over a hot meal possible. Moreover, by design, it should be just as much of a work of art as your culinary masterpieces.

First, choose your preferred design expression, and then select your range’s fuel type. JennAir crafts both gas and mixed fuel type professional ranges. When you’ve made that choice, here are some of the features you can expect:

  • Steam Assist for fresh and flavorful meals.
  • Dual-fan convection oven.
  • Stacked flame burners for two flames at high temperatures and the flexibility for a low burn when simmering.
  • Flame sensing technology so the burners always stay lit even when simmering at low temperatures.
  • 18,0000 BTU PowerBurner.
  • 15,000 BTU indoor grill.
  • Sealed burner boxes to make cleaning up your masterpiece easier.
  • Chrome-infused griddle, easy to clean, with low heat retention, so it can be cleaned soon after cooking while preventing accidental burns.
  • Stylized LED temperature control knobs.
  • Cast iron cooktop grates.
  • Flat tine oven racks.
  • Cinematic interior halogen lighting.
  • Step-by-step culinary assistance through the JennAir Culinary Center integrated in certain appliances.
  • Smart connections and remote access with iOS and Android devices.
  • Food Temperature Probe to cook, bake, and broil recipes to internal temperature perfection every time.

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Wall Ovens

JennAir’s wall ovens use powerful true convection electric heating to perfectly bake, broil, and crisp your every creation. Select your preferred configuration with one or two convection fans, with or without steam, or optional microwave heating. All of these features are available in either single or double-style ovens. You can further expand your installation with a warming drawer to keep every dish at the perfect temperature until it’s time to serve. No matter which model you choose, you can expect to find incredible features including:

  • Quiet and peaceful operation that never disturbs.
  • Guided recipes for everything from prime rib to pastries with the JennAir Culinary Center.
  • Glide-on flat tine baking racks.
  • Speed cooking for steady heat, microwave, and broiling.
  • Smart app connections through the JennAir App, and connects to Google Assistant or Alexa.
  • Interior halogen lights for a clear look inside.
  • Auto convection and manual convection baking modes for your preference.
  • Proofing mode for preparing the perfect pastries.
  • Multi-modal warming options for preparing ingredients and for keeping food warm.
  • Rapid preheating and no preheat cooking options.

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Enjoy the unparalleled luxury of a JennAir cooktop with style options including lustrous stainless steel or sleek oblivion black. JennAir stove tops offer options for radiant heating, gas, and induction burners. All offer incredible heating power and luxury features. 

  • Magnetic induction burners offer Assisted Cooking and smart temperature controls to make cooking easier and safer. All are built in a sleek, minimalist cooktop.
  • Gas cooktops have a high-capacity 18,000 btu dual stacked PowerBurner for high-temperature cooking techniques.
  • Radiant cooktops offer a “traditional” design, but with a flexible three-tier burner that goes above and beyond the flexibility of other radiant cooktops.

Other features include flexible heating zones, LED touch controls, and easy-to-clean durable finishes. Uniquely, the gas and electric radiant cooktop models include a downdraft vent to keep your cooking area smoke, steam, and odor-free.

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A side-by-side JennAir refrigerator with doors open, showing the Obsidian background and colorful foods.

Open the door to the dramatic obsidian interiors of a JennAir refrigerator. Just as a diamond ring becomes more brilliant in a shadow box, your culinary ingredients, creations, and essentials will shine against the backdrop of Obsidian. Cinematic lighting against the dark backdrop adds to the contrast, creating an unrivaled reveal every time you open the door.

Smart sensors and flexible cooling compartments let you store everything at the perfect temperature and humidity. And while the doors are closed, the refrigeration system runs quietly in the background–because as JennAir says, “true luxury doesn’t need to be heard.”

Types of Refrigeration from JennAir

  • Freestanding
  • French door
  • Side-by-side
  • Bottom freezer
  • Column
  • Built-in
  • Beverage centers
  • Wine coolers

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A JennAir dishwasher standing against a black background with light shining on it from the upper left corner of the picture.

Why shouldn’t every step of your culinary process be luxurious? JennAir pushes the envelope for never-before-seen quality as the quietest luxury dishwasher brand. These library quiet dishwashers dare to do more with their space, all just so you don’t hear their wash cycles. 

As for the features you can expect, here’s what you’ll find when you take a look inside:

  • 11% more loading height in the middle rack so you can fit tall items like champagne flutes and water bottles.
  • 18 interior LEDs to illuminate the Obsidian colored dish racks displaying your perfectly clean dishes after a cycle.
  • Quietly gliding dish racks guided by 52 internal ball bearings.
  • Flexible tines in the dish racks to fit knives, unique cookware, and large dishes.
  • Powerful rapid wash cycles.
  • Trifecta™ wash system with filtered pressurized water jets.

Customize your dishwasher to fit your needs. For the third disk rack, you can choose between either a high-capacity third rack or a cutlery third rack. All of these features are available in RISE, NOIR, and panel-ready design expressions for your preference. 

Shop JennAir Dishwashers at Electronic Express


A built-in JennAir microwave with no handle, meant to be installed under a countertop.

JennAir also lets you live unbounded with rebellious microwave technology. Options include countertop, over-the-range, and under-counter drawer microwaves.

Features of JennAir microwaves include:

  • A full-color LCD screen with controls for temperature, heating times, and access to  JennAir’s Culinary Center.
  • Built-in convection and microwave cooking modes.
  • Finely tuned sensors for smart heating and faster microwave cycles
  • Stealth fit design that sits seamlessly with your cabinetry.
  • Multi-stage programming for easy defrosting and specialized reheating.
  • One-touch handleless drawer designs.

Shop JennAir Microwaves at Electronic Express

Support Services for JennAir

Part of luxury is knowing that it will work. But the future can’t always be anticipated, so JennAir has a dedicated team of trained support professionals to help fix problems that arise. We also recommend that you register your appliance through JennAir

Through JennAir’s website, you can find support for error codes, schedule service appointments, and reach out to a community of other owners to ask for advice.

Thoughts from JennAir Owners

If you’re wondering “Is JennAir a good brand?” here are quotes from other JennAir owners regarding their thoughts and experiences with their JennAir appliances.

“A Clear Winner”

Gregg Cantor, President and CEO of Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel recently helped his mother purchase a JennAir panel-ready built-in side-by-side refrigerator to replace her old Viking refrigerator. Cantor’s mother told him she was considering a conventional refrigerator instead of spending $15,000 for a replacement model from Viking. 

Cantor said, “I advised my Mom that it would look awful in her custom kitchen, if she replaced the built-in with a slide-in….” He wanted to ensure her new refrigerator would fit with her cabinetry. So, he made it his mission to find a more economical replacement for her refrigerator.

After doing some research, Cantor narrowed their options down to KitchenAid and JennAir. “As it turned out, JennAir was the clear winner because of their new SlimTech insulation technology….”

“Luxury Worth Investing In”

Vance Tran, Co-founder of Pointer Clicker, bought a JennAir under-counter drawer refrigerator and thoroughly enjoys its organizational and aesthetic features.

Tran said, “This JennAir has noticeably improved our whole food storage and preparation process.” Tran added that his purchase has helped keep food staples and snacks fresher. “No more wilted veggies or dried-out herbs on my watch!” Tran said. He also enjoys the drawer system as it helps him save time when looking for ingredients. 

When asked why someone should consider buying an appliance from JennAir, Tran said, “It comes down to three key factors–design, quality, and longevity. These aren’t just good-looking appliances, they’re masterfully crafted with the best materials to last decades with proper care.” Tran added that a JennAir’s smooth operation and aesthetics make it feel like luxury worth investing in.

Tran concluded, “You really can’t beat JennAir’s combination of high performance and high-end design.”

From Sceptic to Brand Evangelist

Taimur Ijlal, a self-proclaimed tech nerd who enjoys culinary pursuits, shared his thoughts about investing in a JennAir wall oven. Ijlal states that he saved for years and did thorough research in order to add a reliable oven to his modern kitchen.

Ijlal said, “Initially uneasy about the splurge, I’m now a bonafide JennAir evangelist.” He reports that he enjoys all of the features of his wall oven, saying that they make cooking an easier, more freeing, and more reliable experience. He said, “I swear every batch of cookies emerges with uniform golden edges.”

The reliability and ease of maintenance are other stand-out features that Ijlal enjoys. He comments that his JennAir “performs flawlessly year after year with just basic upkeep….” After observing the quality and reliability of his JennAir oven, he now recommends the brand to his friends for their renovation projects.

Transformational Aesthetics, Efficiency, and Reliability

Stephanie Edenburgh, a busy mother of three and CEO of Bizzie Mommy, bought a JennAir refrigerator in 2022 after being drawn to their combination of sleek design and innovative technology.

Edenburgh said, “My experience with JennAir appliances has been nothing short of transformative in my kitchen.” She emphasizes that her refrigerator’s features have streamlined and enhanced her kitchen. She reports that her refrigerator’s spacious design and precise temperature controls allow for efficient storage while keeping food fresh for longer. She said, “The convenience and peace of mind it offers have been invaluable, especially for someone with a tight schedule and a passion for cooking.”

When asked what she would say to someone shopping for a JennAir appliance, Edenburgh said, “It’s a worthwhile investment. Not only do you get a product that marries form with function, but you also benefit from the durability and performance that JennAir is known for. It’s an investment in quality that elevates your home and daily life.”

“A Blend of Elegance and Performance: My JennAir Experience”

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, founder of UNmiss.com, bought a JennAir NOIR French-door refrigerator in 2022 saying, “It has been a game-changer in my kitchen.” Ulitovskyi reports that the refrigerator keeps food fresh and the Obsidian background paired with the LED lights elevates the look of his kitchen.

When asked what he would say to someone shopping for a JennAir, Ulitovskyi said, “JennAir appliances are not just tools; they are centerpieces that enhance the kitchen’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. The reliability and performance of my refrigerator have affirmed my decision, making meal prep and storage a seamless part of my daily routine.”

Minimalist Design and Spectacularly Quiet

Dan Bailey, President of WikiLawn Tampa Lawn Care, said, “I only have a dishwasher by [JennAir], but it’s really a luxury piece of equipment. It’s spectacularly quiet, holds plenty of dishes, and does an amazing job cleaning.”

A Long Desired Upgrade

Martin Orefice, CEO of Rent to Own Atlanta, grew up with an older JennAir range in his childhood home. Orefice said, “When I moved out on my own, I was stuck with whatever mediocre electric stove my apartment came with….” After missing the quality of a JennAir stove, Orefice purchased a RISE 5.1 cubic foot cooking range in 2023. He said, “It’s absolutely the best stove I’ve ever used. …[But] what really blows me away is the little details.”

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