Waterproof Summer

Water activities usually limit the use of electronics. The whole ‘water destroying them’ thing can keep you from snapping those pics or playing your favorite song. Just because you’re wet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the things you love. Brands are acknowledging the importance of using electronics poolside or at the beach. Enter waterproof cameras, speakers, headphones and so much more…

Ultimate Ears MegaBoom 3

Music is one thing that I think we can all agree makes you happier, even on those blazin’ hot summer days. Singing to the summer hits with a cold drink in your hand can turn a would-be dull moment into a memory. All thanks to music. The MegaBoom 3 is the perfect summer companion, bringing the party to life with all-around sound that holds its own even when thrown in the pool. And if you’re at the beach, not even the sand can take this speaker down (this has been thoroughly vetted by a member of our marketing team). It’s basically indestructible.

JBL Endurance Headphones

For those who enjoy exercising outside, JBL has your back. They’ve created a line of headphones that are perfect for any outdoor activities. Their Endurance series includes 5 different headphones: RUN, JUMP, DIVE, SPRINT, PEAK. Each one includes features that meet the needs of the aforementioned name, and ALL of them are IPX7 rated waterproof. Meaning they are fully submersible. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera

Adventure seekers love to document their thrilling experiences, so why not have a camera that is perfectly designed for such exploits? Not only can the DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera be used at depths of up to 11m (36 ft.), it can also be mounted to virtually anything. So whether you’re surfing, kayaking, or snorkeling, you can capture the moment and do it hands-free. Oh and not to mention, this camera has a front and rear screen, so selfies on an action camera have never been easier.

So next time you’re headed to the beach, the pool, or to kayak, don’t forget to grab your waterproof favorites. No more worrying about ruining your favorite electronics, or thinking you’ll just have to go without. There’s a solution for that!

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