Video Games Have Health Benefits

On average 67% of Americans play video games, that us about 211 million people playing video games on the regular on one type of device. The video game industry globally makes up to $100 billion a year! It’s no wonder two-thirds of American homes have households members that play video games regularly.

During the 1970s the first generation of home consoles was introduced. You might be familiar with the game, pong. Pong is one the earliest arcade video game, that is basically table tennis sports gaming but features two-dimensional graphics. Simple-yet-fun this addictive electronic tennis game was a historical hit and really was the kick-off to the video game industry.

Before home video game consoles such as Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, arcade games whether extremely popular in the later 1970s and ending sometime in the mid-1980s. One of the earliest known coin-operated games was Spacewar! Video game arcades were everywhere in shopping malls, corner arcades, they appeared in restaurants, grocery stores, bars, movie theaters, and more. Today arcades are still around, and a current popular trend is “bar-cades”, a bar filled with classic video games such as PacMan and pinball machines.

Video games have a negative sigma circulating around the, but there are a lot of positive effects of video games! Just like anything else, video games are great in moderation.

When kids play video games it gives their brain a real workout. In many video games, you must think quickly, and make fast analysis and decisions. Action-packed video games prime the brian to make quicker decisions. For young minds, kids who play video games can help develop their reading and math skills, because they will learn to follow storylines of games and get information from the game texts. Many video games require basic math skills, as well as understanding physics, and engineering principles. Because video game involves certain rules, this means that the player must have to think carefully before making decisions.

Kids with special needs also benefit from video games. Video games can offer opportunities for kids to practice everything from communication skills to the organization, to social interactions. A study in Cell took a look at kids with dyslexia and a video game. The results were equal to better than traditional reading methods, but research think fast pace in games can help the kids increase their attention spans and overall help become better readers.

Research suggests that players can improve their hand-eye coordinator, fine motor and spatial skills all from video games. Certain games require the real-world player to keep track of the position of the character and be ready if the enemy comes to attack. Players must pay attention and focus that coordinators the brain interpretation and reaction with the movement in his hands and fingertips.

Video games also help noticed pattern recognition because games have internal logic in them. Games also inspire perseverance because if a player fails the first time around, but continues to try until they succeed at every level.

Video games users are often perceived to be anti-social but that’s far from accurate. Games enable multiplayer modes to give groups the space to play whether it’s on their smartphone, a gaming system, a computer, or even an arcade-style game! As technology advances, more videos games can connect users all over the world. Games such as massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) allows a large number of players to interact with each other in a virtual world.

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