Masks On

As phased reopenings are happening all across Tennessee and Alabama, it’s important to be prepared for reintegration back into society. Face masks, temperature checks, touching things as little as possible, and hand sanitizing are all now a part of our normal routines. At first, it seemed like so many rules to follow, but now here we are 6 months down the road and these things have become second nature to us. And Electronic Express now has everything you need to stay on top of keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

Face Coverings

Face masks and coverings are no longer mandated, but they’re still required most places as a standard precaution. If you’re looking for a face mask with ear loops, the neck gaiter, or a face shield, look no further, we have them all.



Stay on top of your temperature and the temperature of those around you with an infrared thermometer. This quick thermometer is able to measure your temperature in seconds. It features a digital LED display.

Door Opener

hands free

You never have to touch a door again. That’s right, you can keep your hands clean and still go places. The hands-free stylus and door opener is a multi-functional tool with a door hook and flat tip. This means you can open doors and press buttons without your skin touching it. But don’t forget to regularly clean the tool, or else you’re defeating the purpose of it. Oh and this tool is also a keychain, so it’s on you at all times.

Set with everything you need for this confusing, yet now a little less confusing time, we hope you and your family continue to stay safe and healthy out there!

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