Luxury Appliance Brand Buying Guide

Electronic Express has confidently expanded into the luxury appliance market. Now, we are a valuable luxury partner and supplier of Monogram, JennAir, Thermador, Dacor, Café, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, and ZLINE. We’ve become the perfect source for luxury grade appliances for customers across Tennessee and Northern Alabama – with locally sourced warehousing and significant buying power. Electronic Express stands by our “in-stock and ready to deliver” motto while opening channels to rapidly order models not readily stocked. And, as always, we’ll continue to provide unbeatable prices for our luxury clients. Keep reading to learn a bit more about these newly offered brands!


Monogram set out to redefine the world of luxury appliances, one detail at a time. With their bold design, precision engineering, and cutting-edge technology, Monogram appliances deliver a superior cooking and entertaining experience. Monogram strives to simplify your life and enhance your culinary experience with features that you won’t find anywhere else such as Advantium speed-cooking technology and integrated LED lighting. The thoughtful use of stainless steel and unscratchable sapphire glass combined with customizable finishes to suit your personal taste is a testament to Monogram’s desire to provide exceptional design without sacrificing quality and function. With Monogram, you can enjoy stylish, functional appliances, making your cooking and entertaining experience a true luxury.

Monogram offers three collections with distinct styles – meaning you can have the quality of Monogram appliances without sacrificing your personal style.


With sleek designs and advanced features, JennAir is revolutionizing luxury appliances.  High-end finishes, including brushed stainless steel and custom paneling options, allow you to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen without sacrificing top-notch performance. From their innovative cooktops to their Energy Star certified refrigerators, JennAir appliances are designed to be both customizable and energy-efficient. A wide range of built-in or freestanding refrigerators, as well as the introduction of downdraft cooktops in gas, electric, or induction allows you to design your kitchen as you see fit, opening up sightlines and making your kitchen perfect for entertaining. If you’re dreaming of revolutionary kitchen technology in luxurious styles tailored uniquely for you, look no further than JennAir.

JennAir offers two distinct high-end design expressions to consider when choosing your luxury appliances – both available in complete kitchen appliance collections.


Designed to provide the precision, power, and control that professional chefs demand, Thermador is a popular choice among home chefs who want to take their kitchen to the next level. With innovative technology and exceptional design, Thermador appliances offer a wide range of customizable options, allowing you to tailor your kitchen to your specific needs and enjoy features that are unmatched in the industry, such as their innovative Star Burner and ExtraLow simmering technology. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern aesthetic or a more traditional look, Thermador’s remarkable design and quality craftsmanship unite to provide full kitchen solutions that are built to last.

Thermador’s Masterpiece and Professional Collections tell two distinct design stories while providing every necessary ingredient required to personalize your home. 


Dacor seeks to elevate the art of living well by seamlessly blending high-end finishes and smart technology for show-stopping appliances that extend beyond the kitchen – connecting you to your home appliances, wherever you may be. From their iconic Discovery iQ Wall Oven with its revolutionary Android OS operating system, to their powerful cooktops and refrigerators, Dacor appliances are designed with meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled quality to elevate your lifestyle. Their innovative features, such as the SmartThings app that allows you to remotely control and monitor your appliances, coupled with their timeless and elegant designs, make Dacor the perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy the convenience of meaningful innovation without sacrificing style.

Dacor has chef-inspired appliances for those with either contemporary or transitional design taste.


GE Café Appliances, where luxury and functionality come together seamlessly. These appliances offer state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge features, all while boasting distinct designs to match your unique style and taste.

Café proudly offers appliances that are more than just beautiful on the outside. With a dedication to high performance, Café Appliances are designed to meet the needs of today’s discerning home chefs. From refrigerators with built-in Keurig systems, to ovens and ranges with precise temperature control, there’s an appliance to fit your every need. 

Experience the ultimate in luxury appliances with bold new designs and innovative technologies. Explore our collection now and discover how Café Appliances can transform your kitchen into a haven of comfort and convenience.

With a wide range of customizable major appliances, and countertop appliances to match, Café is sure to give your kitchen a personality as unique as you.

Matte White + Flat Black
Stainless Steel + Brushed Stainless
Matte Black + Brushed Copper

Fisher & Paykel

Delegate within your kitchen, break free of traditional norms, and cut straight to what’s most effective; these three principles represent Fisher & Paykel’s product lineup. Intense research and development has allowed Fisher & Paykel to implement various technologies into each of their expertly crafted appliances. The brand acknowledges that there are many ways to cook, preserve, and showcase, but using only one isn’t necessarily the best approach. That’s why Fisher & Paykel has combined multiple cooking technologies into their ovens, made sure their fridge and freezer departments use a range of temperatures to preserve food, and provided designers a wide variety of models, each with unique style, to choose from.

Sometimes blending is the best expression of luxury. To do so, Fisher & Paykel offers integrated solutions that allow visionary designers to match appliances with cabinetry, or, as an option, allow subtle hints by creating contrast with stainless steel handles.

Whether you want your kitchen appliances to blend in, or stand out, Fisher & Paykel has a complete appliance suite to suit every home.


Keep up with your household while adding a luxurious atmosphere to your living space with Electrolux’s major appliances. Each appliance complements the next by deploying a design through-line, kitchen to laundry.

All models are designed with consideration for you, your time, and the environment- ensuring that operating noise and environmental impact are as important as effective, time-efficient performance. Dominate household crunch time by tackling the washer load as quickly as 15 minutes, blast cooking a meal-to-be at 18,000 BTU, and ensure that dishes come out sparkling clean in 30 minutes — all without flooding the household with disruptive sound.

Although Electrolux offers fewer options for varying aesthetics, with Electrolux you’re sure to enjoy beautifully-designed, sustainable, stainless steel appliances.

French Door Refrigerator & Induction Freestanding Range
Electric Double Wall Oven
Single Door Refrigerator & Freezer


ZLINE is the home of attainable luxury. With beautifully engineered appliances and unique products that cater to particular tastes, ZLINE offers top tier quality to a broader market. ZLINE appliances provide luxury finishes and features at an attainable price, giving more consumers access to high-end appliances. They cater to wine lovers with a variety of wine refrigerator options and offer luxurious designs with accents to suit any style. ZLINE also provides range hoods with a lifetime motor warranty, and their focus on service and reliability is unmatched. With high performance and quality craftsmanship guaranteed, ZLINE appliances enhance the ambiance and functionality of any kitchen.

If you’re looking for attainable luxury appliances that don’t sacrifice quality or style, ZLINE is the perfect choice.