HP Technology Makes Life Better

HP is one of the world’s leading technology companies. A friendship started through a camping trip between Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Together they formed HP! They started to rent a space in a garage and in just two short years they went from the garage to an office space in Palo Alto, California! One of HP first’s client ever was the magical man, Walt Disney! From meeting in 1934 to now, HP creates technology to make life better for everyone, everywhere.

Electronic Express carries a wonderful selection of HP products both in-store and online. When shopping for an HP product shop for something that suits your needs and ask yourself how are you going to use it?

Home & Personal

The HP 2 in 1 tablet and laptops are great for home and personal use! Now you can enjoy the performance of your desktop PC on your laptop. A 2 in 1 tablet is the perfect fit for folks who don’t know if they want a tablet or a laptop. Tablets are also known for being like notebooks. They are great for busy family members and easy to travel with. Both 2 in 1 tablet and laptops from HP are great for photo editing, multitasking, gaming, watching HD movies, surfing the web and light video editing.

College students will love the support for HP laptops! HP laptops are also affordable for any budget. HP laptops are designed fo long-lasting performances that will help you speed through tasks and let you stay connected all day or night if you are still procrastinating writing your paper. HP laptops are also great for streaming your favorite shows and movies for they are views in 4K, multitasking, light photo editing and of course, web browsing.

All in One Computers

All-in-one computers combine the display and the computer itself into one package! All-in-one computers are great to be a family computer for a great amount of storage to hold photos, videos, and school papers! All-in-one computers are also great for the home office or the workplace! Maximize your performance while minimizing the space with an all-in-one HP computer!


Go from average gamer to a gaming legend with Omen’s gaming desktop and laptops by HP. Omen is geared with a cutting-edge design, the industry‚Äôs latest hardware, and easy upgradability to crush the latest AAA titles and give you the top-tier performance competition demands.


Whether you are a photo-taking wiz and want to get pictures developed quickly or you just need to print out dinner recipes, HP printers do it all. From office space to home, to a college dorm, their printers are designed to save you time. Many of these printers are build-in wireless that allows you to scan, printer, and order ink from your mobile device!