Game Console Buying Guide

While it is also important to have a healthy body, you should also have a healthy mind to go with it. Contrary to popular belief, video games can help improve the mind! Research studies have shown that by playing video games, the brain can improve coordination, build better problem-solving skills, enhances memory, and enhances multitasking skills. It is no wonder why people from all ages love to play video games!

Whether you are looking to get into gaming, are video game obsessed, or maybe you wanna improve your brain power, Electronic Express can help you get the perfect gaming console for your video gaming skills!


From the Sony Playstation, to Microsoft Xbox, to Nintendo’s Switch, we have the hottest gaming consoles you will be sure to love. All consoles run games at near 4K resolution and also double as a media powerhouse! You can even stream your favorite movies and shows without an extra box. We not only carry popular consoles, but also accessories such as wireless controllers, and charging grips.


If you are more into computer gaming, Electronic Express has what you need. We have top notch gaming desktops and gaming laptops. The highest end systems will allow for ultra quality gaming and HD streaming  with no compromise in reliability, performance or graphics! With a 1TB or larger HDD you can store as many games, movies and more as you could ever need. But if a gaming laptop is more of your speed, we will be able to take your skills to the next level! You can even enter virtual reality with one of our smartphone headsets.


One of our best selling and top rated products is the Nintendo Switch! It’s a gaming console on the go also able to link up to 8 systems. You’ll be able to play at home by having it rest in the Nintendo Switch Dock, that connects to your TV! Get ready to play games with your family and friends in the comfort of your living room.

Cyberpower PC Battlebox Essential Gaming Desktop provides you with outstanding processing power and remarkable gaming capabilities. This high performance gaming computer, has a system that will be sure have real-time gaming marathons with no lag at all. This system also allows you to run on multiple programs with no compromise in reliability, performance or speed. It’s a gamers’ dream computer!

Microsoft XBOXXPUBG  Electronic Express also offers bundle deals with popular gaming systems such as Xbox and playstation. You’ll get a great deal that will feel like a steal with the console, video game and controller!

Exercise your brain, and unwind your mind by picking up a controller, headset, or keyboard and get your game on!