Fitness Buying Guide

Have you reached your new year’s resolution yet? Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone, but we will tell you that Electronic Express has some of the best products to help you lose weight, keep track of your fitness, and help you stay motivated to feel and look your best. Exercising helps benefit every part of the body, including your mind. It has also been proven that exercise improves your mood, boosts your energy and promote better sleep patterns.

Exercise Machines

Electronic Express has a wide variety of exercise machines to fulfill your cardio needs in the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to get in a workout before you start your day or after when you come home viewing the machine every day is a great form of motivation. Get your heart pumping and your blood moving by using machines such as treadmills, exercises bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and steppers. Not everyone likes the idea of going to a gym surrounded by people, working out in the privacy in your home now can be ideal. This can also help save on travel expenses, such as gas, and that gym membership that would cost you every month.

Weslo Cadence C 3.9 Treadmill

Cadence C 3.9 Treadmill brings the power into your workout, that features a comfort cell cushioning that absorbs impact and protects your joints. Easy to fold up and store away.

Pro-Form 8.0 EX Exercise Bike

8.0 EX Exercise Bike is an iFit ready machine, that will bring power and convenience into your workout. It is equipped with an integrated tablet holder, that clamps down on the tablet so you can stay entertained while you slay your workout.

Pro-Form 250 I Elliptical

250 I Elliptical get the most productive workout with saving your time. This elliptical will give that full-body, the full-aerobic workout you need. Whether you’re a modest beginner or an advanced athlete this will keep you moving, burn your calories, and have you feeling your best.

Pro-form 550 Rover

550 Rover is equipped with a soft touch ergonomic handle and an ergonomic, cushioned seat so you can workout in comfort.

Weslo StepFit Climber

StepFit Climber  gets stepping with this 2-in-1 climber that delivers a full body workout. The manually adjustable resistance takes you from beginner to advanced as your progressively get stronger.

Exercise Equipment

Electronic Express also offers products such as workout gloves, resistance bands, and yoga mats; perfect for lifting weights, stretching and staying zen. Continue with that zen by using a Zen Yoga Block. The blocks safely support and modifies poses, extends and deepens stretches and add stability and control. To help improve upper and lower body workouts while doing aerobic exercises, 2 lb ankle wrist weights are helpful as well as using the magnetic slimming band help shed excess water, supports the lower back and is designed for all levels of athletes. If you’re stuck in an office space and want to release some energy and some stress, a product such as the performance hand grips help strengthen hands, wrists and forearms and is portable while on the go. To add more to your fitness routine, using 2-pound dumbbell are ideal for at-home workout, useful for upper body workouts and burn more calories, just lift and flex for toner muscles.  

Fitness Trackers

A fitness tracker or a fitness watch, encourage an increase in fitness and physical activities for their wearers. Having one makes working out more of a game or for fun, to see the amount you put in it’s exciting to see what comes out of it. Now it’s made easy to help track calorie intake, and how many steps you can get in one day. With a watch you will want to stay active, and why just only do routine cardio and exercises like running or lifting the weight when watches can also track you doing snowboarding, paddle boarding, and other sports. The HR Smartwatch has a built-in heart monitor, making your next step, distance, calorie or sleep patterns all on track.


Weigh in time is more than just a number on the scale with our many smart scales that measure and keep track of weight, BMI, body composition and more. The Body+ Composition Wi-Fi Scale pairs with Health Mat app, where your data is easily managed. You can even receive rewards, set and achieve your health goals. It is multi-user recognition, so every member of the family can join in on your healthy lifestyle.