How to Make Your Home the Perfect Game Day Hangout

Football season is here, which is the perfect excuse to gather family and friends, eat seven layer dip, and cheer on your favorite team!

The Viewing Experience

Watching the game from home may not be as exciting as watching from the stands, but the right TV can help really immerse you in the big game, even from your couch!

Preparing the Food

Even people who don’t love the game come for the refreshments. These housewares will make hosting the best watch party of the season a breeze!

Keeping Drinks Cold

No one wants their drink to get warm before the second quarter! With these, you’ll be the cool host that serves cooler drinks.

Entertaining the Kids

Kids (and let’s be honest, some adults) may not be too engaged in the game itself! Keep everyone happy by having some interactive options for those bored by the game.