Choosing an Air Fryer

In 2010, Philips introduced us to a small kitchen appliance that would revolutionize the way we cook. The air fryer, which cooks food by circulating hot air around using convection technology, cut cooking times in half while maintaining delicious flavor and crispness. Today, the air fryer, sometimes called an air deep fryer, has become one of the most widely used appliances in kitchens across America.

Since it’s release the air fryer has exploded in popularity, making way for air fryer technology to now be found in traditional kitchen appliances. With so many unique options out there; conventional air fryers, toaster ovens, ranges, etc…it can be overwhelming to decide which is right for you. If we take a look at what each form has to offer, you’ll have what you need to make the right choice for you and your family.


Being the most compact option, the classic air fryer features a smaller, pod-like shape that can be easily stored in pantries or under cabinets (once cooled of course). With capacities ranging from 2-6 quarts, the classic air fryer is ideal for smaller families or individuals. Temperatures on these can go as high as 400-degree Fahrenheit, so you get an experience that’s as quick as it is easy. Plus there’s also built-in presets, so cooking a meal is as easy as pushing a button.

Philips Air Fryer

Toaster Oven

Going the route of a toaster oven with air fry, you get the added convenience of one less appliance on your countertop. Not to mention, with a capacity of up to 17.9 quarts, you get the space to cook a little more than you would with a classic air fryer.

Cuisinart TOA60 Toaster Oven


If you’re looking for full immersion into the air fry world, a range is the way to go. A full-size, 167-quart oven with air fry capabilities can quickly and easily make meals for the entire family, making it the ideal choice for large families. (Ranges are available in  Gas, Smoothtop, and Induction)

Frigidaire Range with Air Fry

We know how daunting it can be to prepare a meal for the whole family. That’s why at Electronic Express, we strive to make dinner time as easy as possible. Shop online at, or visit your local store and ask a sales associate about Air Fryers!

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