CES 2019 Recap

Electronic Express attended the Consumer Technology Association, AKA CES 2019 in Las Vegas. CES is the world’s largest tradeshow for consumer technology and America’s largest annual tradeshow of any kind. People from all over the world attend the event from January 8th till January 10th, two days filled with companies exhibiting and showcasing the latest technology and their products. There is also 300 conference sessions throughout the two days.

Electronic Express was there for the action!

Samsung unveiled their massive 98inch 8K TV! They also announced their smart assistant, Bixby their smart home solution. Since Samsung is all about connectivity, Bixby will be integrated into its 2019 QLED and premium TVs, and smart appliances like refrigerators, washers, as well as air conditioners, mobile devices, AI speakers and more.  Samsung also relieved an adorable robot, that helps manage your health and will give you a helping hand.


LG introduced there highly anticipated, roll up TV! LG says the TV has been tested to do 50,000 rolls up or down, averaging out to last 17 years! LG was also a big attraction for they have a walkway of TV screens that mimicked a waterfall, as well as showcasing their appliances and visuals for the consumers to show how they perform.


To demonstrate their cameras, SONY had a dancing performance and two sections where you videotape or a snap a photo. Also known for their audio equipment, SONY had headphones to listen to music too, and they were showcasing their virtual reality set with their 360 degrees sound.


TCL has designed new TVs that are sleek and easy to navigate as well as being 8K! TCL is also releasing four different lines of headphones that will reach different audiences.


Google showcased their latest Google assistant products. Now it’s easier to show your friends and family pictures from your Europe trip. Google is able to pull the pictures up the trip. Google even brought along a Google rollercoaster inside CES where the riders experience on how Google assistant can be used.


Amazon showcased Alexa by demonstrating how she can work in different lifestyles everything from the home, work, car, Alexa can help out anyway.


Intel demonstrated how to help the world’s greatest challenges through artificial intelligence (Al), by the use of cameras getting a photo taken to show how fast their system works. They also show off a BMW that is the future of automobiles and how self-driving will happen with an entertainment system inside the car.


Overall CES 2019 was an exciting show that displayed the newest technologies coming this year. We are excited about 8k and getting out customers the newest products on the market. Smarthome will is the future and so is AI. Stay more connected than you ever have before. We’re Electronic Express and we make it happen!