Build Your Own Mom Cave

Dad’s have their man caves, kids have their tree house, but Moms need something too!

A mom cave should be in every household. It should be a special and safe place where a Mother can unwind, enjoy a glass of wine, and be unbothered by everything else. For the everyday women who takes care of everyone, it’s time to take care of herself!

This buying guide is the perfect walkthrough of what every Mom cave must-have!

What is a Queen of the castle, without a throne?

Electronic Express has a selection of seating furniture from loveseats, recliners, lift chairs, and even massage chairs! Get cozy up with a good book, magazine, newspaper, or even a tablet!

Tablets are a great way to read, watch movies and play games. They are more lightweight and portable than a laptop, making it more comfortable to use! Tablets can help keep you organized, whether your or the kids have a busy week, put it in the tablet to keep track. Check out some of the great tablets Electronic Express has to offer!

Add a smart speaker in your space! Voice-controlled speakers are a must-have! You can set your smart speakers to read the news, check the weather, set alarms, and even stream songs from your favorite music platforms.

Mom’s need quiet time too! Make sure you have a handy pair of headphones in your Mom cave. We suggest using active¬†noise cancellation headphones because it reduces outside noises so you can experience immersive sound.

There’s two types of fuel for Moms, coffee and wine! Luckily, Electronic Express sells great coffee makers and wine coolers! Having one of these or both in your cave would be a great way to start a morning and unwind to a busy day.

Remember this is your space! Add your personality to it!