Be a Fan of Vornado

Vornado products are been dominating airflow since the 1940s! Vornado’s focuses on quality and performance while also keeping products to be energy efficient, powerful and effective.

Cool off the whole room with a, 184 Whole Room Tower Fan!

72475This fan is perfect for a living room or bedroom to cool it off. The Vornado’s signature V-Flow technology provides complete circulation of all the air in the room. The powerful motor produces a higher volume of air movement up to 500 cu ft. per minute and pushes air up to 100 feet. This tower fan is unique because it has a crosscut that creates a wide span of constant airflow, that eliminated the need for a wobbly oscillating base.

Another great fan of the living room or bedroom is the, 683 Pedestal Circulator Fan!  72369-3.jpg

The Vornado 683 Pedestal Air Circulator takes air comfort to the next level. With its unique signature grill and deep-pitched propeller, the 683 moves air up to 75 feet, while aerodynamically circulating all the air in a room. The 3-speed front-facing control allows for quick and easy speed selection. The 683 features an easy-to-assemble, tool-free base that is designed for quick setup, takedown, and storage and can be adjusted 32” – 38” in height.

Doing some garage work? You need the 293 Heavy-Duty Shop Fan Air Circulator

70403.jpg The Vornado Heavy-Duty Shop Fan has the rugged durability to stand up to the toughest jobs. Built for use in the garage, workshop, or job site, this fan has a nearly indestructible body and steel base. The 293 features powerful airflow, moving air 100 feet! This shop fan has a ball-bearing motor that never needs oiling and is specially shielded to resist dust. This energy-efficient shop fan also features a 10ft grounded cord and meets OSHA safety requirements. During the hot summer months, the Vornado Heavy-Duty circulator is sure to become your most valuable tool! 

Or the Heavy Duty Small Air Circulator


The Vornado Heavy Duty Small Air Circulator is perfect for cooling your workspace with flexible placement options. Use the collapsible tripod base to stand the fan up on a table, or use the versatile clip to hang, tie or clamp the fan when a table isn’t available. An IP54 rated motor is dust-proof and splash-resistant, resulting in a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of a job site. Plus, with a 360° head, you can swivel and pivot to reach any angle you need.


Working hard? Cool off with a Zippi Personal Fan, that comes in black, blue, gray, green, pink and white!


Vornado’s Zippi Fan has innovative soft cloth blades that quickly and quietly propel the air, but are safe to touch even while the fan is in motion! The Zippi is a powerful electric fan and doesn’t require batteries. Ideal for travelers, the Zippi fan folds down so it can be easily packed away. It may be a small fan, but it packs a big attitude! 




Another great desk fan is the VFAN Vintage White Whole Room Air Circulator

This is available in white, and two different types of greens. This fan has the signature vortex technology that provides complete circulation.

In true form this replica adorns a distinct VORNADO® design from the mid-twentieth century, the streamlined age. This classic styling adapts perfectly to any setting and blends harmoniously with all decoration and color schemes. Made with high standards and the finest materials, the VORNADOFAN™ delivers unparalleled whole room air circulation – quality you’ve come to expect. In comfort and beauty, VORNADO® is the aristocrat of all air circulators.