5 Ways To Improve Your Phone Battery

Is your smartphone battery draining faster than when you first got it? As we know smartphone batteries slowly decrease especially within two years. Doesn’t matter if you have an apple or an android, but users can go through this. Save that battery juice with these easy steps, tips, and reminders!

Don’t charge your phone overnight! 

Charging your phone while you sleep causes it to overcharge. Overcharging can lead to over-heating! An over-heated phone can damage not only the cellphone but also its surroundings!

Turn Down the Brightness! 

Your phone is probably on the highest level of bright, but thats also gonna drain the battery. Turn down the brightness! 

Turn off your Locations Services! 

When you’re not using it, turn off your location settings. Location services will drain your battery!

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps!

Apps on your phone use battery throughout the day, which can add up over time. Delete the ones you barely use anymore or don’t even need at all!

Disable Bluetooth!

Chances are you’re not using your Bluetooth all the time. Bluetooth is normally left on. Check your setting to turn it off. Bluetooth is considered to be battery draining.


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