This Decade is Ending

It is not only a new year but the end of a decade. Like most Americans with a new year comes new goals! Unfortunately 92% of people who set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them, according to the University of Scranton. Be the 8% that achieve the goals they set for 2020!

Set realistic goals for this year. Great goals to work on can be anything from living a healthier lifestyle, setting a budget and sticking to it, or even trying to a new hobby!

Goals should have a hint of realism! Saying you are going to run a marathon next month without even owning a pair of running shoes might be out of your realm. However, saying you are going to run a 5K that is more idealist especially if you plan a running schedule as well as a healthier diet and workout routine!

To help hit success, it helps to have an end game in mind. Setting goals help plan out your path to your reachable resolution! It helps to write out your goals and mark them on a calendar. If your goal is to save money, try to stop getting coffee at the local coffee shop before work and brew your own in the morning!

Recognize when you are procrastinating. If you are procrastinating take a moment to ask yourself, why? Prioritize your goals and how to achieve them. Create to-do lists, schedules, time-frames, and deadlines!

Share your goals with people who support you! You are not in this alone. If your goal is to lose weight, a gym buddy or walking buddy can make all the difference to keep you motived!

Work on self-care. Whether this is your goal or not, you are allowed to focus on yourself. Self-care is not selfish, and when you feel good about yourself it reflects onto others!

We wish you a happy and healthy new year!