Retro Rewind

Whether you call it retro or vintage, it can be a sense of style or a life choice, it is still a classic. Electronic Express has some retro and vintage items you would be sure to adore! From fun toys and games to household items and useful gadgets, step in a time vortex and see some timeless items. 

Shoebox Tape Recorder


Bust out your 80s tapes and batteries, and take a walk down memory line. The QFX’s Shoebox Tape Recorder features the conventional design of a compact cassette tape recorder and is the perfect all-in-one recording solution with a built-in microphone, headphone jack USB port, and line-in port. An integrated handle makes it easy to carry. 

Retro Arcade Machine


Feel like a kid again with this miniature retro video arcade game. Enjoy 200 built-in games with a 2.5-inch color display and volume control. Don’t worry about putting in the quarters to play; this requires 3 x AA batteries. It’s lightweight and portable, great for long car rides or for just hanging out at home.

Plasma Bolt Ball


Popularized in the 80s, the plasma bolt ball is an amazing light show at your fingertips. Watch as the lighting follows through and follows our fingertips while you create brilliant light effects.

Flashback Atari Classic Game Console


In the 70s and 80s, you begged your parents for one for Christmas. Now get yourself The Atari Flashback 8, with wired controllers, styled after the Atari 2600 originals, and 105 classic games built-in. Plus, new games like Pitfall!™, Kaboom™, and River Raid™ have been added. Included with the system are two legacy controller ports so you can add your own wired joysticks or paddles.