Preparing for the Winters

With the winter season approaching soon make sure your best furry friend is ready for the cold!

Warm Your Pup Up

Not all dogs need a coat or a sweater during the cold weather but senior dogs, short-haired breeds, and puppies would benefit from a doggy coat. Keeping your dog warm till help prevent any discomfort.

Don’t Leave Your Dog In The Car

If you wouldn’t leave your dog in a hot car why would you leave your dog alone in a cold car? Cold cars can quickly chill your pet even if you are running into the store just for a few minutes. Leave your dog at home where they are safe.

Keep Your Dog Inside

If you have an outside dog, please bring them inside for the winter season. If you’re complaining about how cold it is outside, imagine how your dog must feel. Leaving your dog outside in the cold, freezing, snowy weather is cruel and inhumane.

Protect Your Dog’s Paws

When dogs paws are exposed to winter elements they become at risk for cracking, drying, and frostbite! Road salts and chemicals in antifreeze coolants are poisonous for dogs. Be sure to check and wipe their paws after you take them for a walk or when they come back from being outside. Dog booties can help prevent cracked paws or irritation. Before heading out on a walk put something to moisture your dog’s paws to help prevent any harm.

Give Back to Local Pets this Winter

If you don’t have a pet but want to help other pets, please consider donating money, time or resources to your local animal shelter. Many shelters are always in need of towels, blankets, and pet beds for their animals as well as pet food and treats.

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