Get it with Affirm

If you need a little help with a purchase from Electronic Express, use Affirm to help make your purchase more manageable. Compared to other retail companies, our APR rates are as low as 10%, depending on your credit score. When applying, Affirms runs a soft inquiry of your credit and will approve a loan amount that covers the cost of the item.

Affirm financing offers easy, quick financing with no hidden fees. Use Affirm to help make purchases, such as TVs, electronics, major kitchen appliances, or even game consoles.

Use Affirm to buy a TV. You can choose up to six payment duration options within the checkout area. When purchasing a TV with Affirm each option provides items with an estimated minimum monthly payment. 

In need of a laptop for work or school and don’t have the cash on hand? Getting a laptop with Affirm will make life easier and payments simple.If you are looking to update your kitchen get major kitchen appliances through Affirm. Affirm makes purchasing small and major appliances easily.

Recap With Affirm:

  1. Affirm will tell you upfront the total amount that you’ll pay!
  2. You choose the payment schedule that works for you!
  3. They won’t charge you late fees or penalties!