Friday, November 30th is Computer Security Day!

Since 1988, Computer Security day has been celebrated worldwide by businesses, schools, and government organizations. Thanks to computers, we have instant access to communication with friends and family and resources available through quick internet searches. Computers allow people to stay connected even when they live miles apart. They are great for creativity, getting work done or just spending time on social media sites, and watching viral videos.

But even with great information and use, computers can often get hacked and receive viruses.

This Computer Security Day, make sure your computer and other devices such as your Smartphone and tablet are secure. Spend time updating your passwords, backing up your important files and photographs and update your computer with the latest software. For maximum security, update your protection software to avoid potential scammers and hackers.

If working for a company or an owner of a business, be sure to thank your IT! They are the go-to experts for your computer questions and help prevent company hacking and computer viruses.

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