6 Tips to Make Cleaning Your Room a Breeze

6 Tips to Make Cleaning Your Room a Breeze.

May 10th is National Clean Your Room Day! Celebrate by using these tips to make cleaning your room easier than ever.

Make it fun

One of the easiest ways to making cleaning a little more fun is turning it into a dance party! Pull out your speaker, sing along, and dance to the music while dusting, vacuuming, or folding laundry.

This Bose SoundLink Flex Speaker offers up to 12 hours of crisp, clear sound that is sure to get you through cleaning your room (and probably your whole house)!

Bedding first

Sleeping in fresh sheets after is one of the best parts of cleaning your room! By stripping your bed first, they have a better chance of being washed & dried by the time you’re finished cleaning the rest of your room. Having an extra set of sheets makes this step even easier, as you don’t have to wait for the laundry to remake your bed.

Make life easier with an extra set of Malouf sheets!

Eliminate the clutter

Before getting into the nitty gritty of cleaning, you’ll need to get rid of any clutter you have sitting around. This may be water bottles on your night stand, lotion you didn’t return to the bathroom, or laundry you haven’t folded. After putting away things that are laying out, you’ll be able to do things like dust & vacuum.

Organize your clutter with these Ashley Signature Baskets. Giving your things a designated place will help keep your room clean longer.

Upgrade your gear

Having cleaning gear you love will make cleaning that much more enjoyable! Treating yourself to a new vacuum cleaner, cleaning spray, or duster may be just what you need to get motivated to clean.

This Black & Decker¬†Bagless Upright Vacuum has powerful suction across all floors, and you’ll have to empty less often with the large two-liter bagless dust bin.

Air out your space

Opening up your windows is a great way to let in some fresh air! If weather isn’t permitting, or you want to go the extra mile when it comes to freshening the air, an air purifier will help. One with a HEPA filter can clean solid pollution like dust, smoke, mites, and pollen.

Freshen up your space with this powerful and compact Vornado Air Purifier! The all-in-one filter cartridge provides a complete 3-step filtration which removes up to 99.97% of airborne allergens.

Make it smell as good as it looks

The best finishing touch for a clean room is lighting a candle to make your space smell as good as it now looks! For apartments and dorms, an open flame sometimes presents a challenge. A wax warmer is the perfect way to get long lasting fragrance without the flame!

Make home fragrance a breeze with this Flip Dish Wax Warmer. Simply add wax melts to the dish, turn it on, and enjoy your favorite fragrance as it spreads through the room.