2017 Samsung QLED TV Guide

The Quantum Dot

Samsung’s QLED TVs have something others don’t: metal quantum dots. At the simplest level, quantum dots are tiny particles within the screen that glow when you shine light onto them. Using this method, a TV can produce 100% of the color spectrum for a supremely lifelike image.

Samsung has a great MU-series LED line, and the QLED line adds to it with some of the most realistic color you’ll find on any TV. Visit our stores to see the difference yourself.

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Q7C + Q7F

Q Color


With the Q |4K Color Drive Elite you’ll experience 100% color volume. Over one billion shades of colors ensure that you experience rich, perfect colors even in bright scenes that could appear washed out on a standard TV.

Q Contrast


Q |4K HDR Elite provides elite contrast and expanded color detail in both the brightest and darkest areas of a scene. A standard TV will show a shadow, while the QLED TVs will show you what’s inside the shadow, thanks to a greater range of color shades. At the same time Q |4K Elite Black creates true black images, as if the TV is turned off in that part of the screen.

Q Style


The clean no-bezel design and finished back look gorgeous, whether on the stand or mounted to the wall. Cords are nearly eliminated as a single cable runs to the TV for all your devices. Simply plug your devices into the One Connect Box, and a single cord connects it to your TV. A specially designed no-gap wall mount is also available (sold separately) for a clean installed look.

Q Smart


Your favorite apps, content, and sports are all in one place to find everything faster via the Samsung Smart Hub. No navigating menus required.


The Q8C (curved) adds a brushed back finish for better aesthetics, and adds a larger 75″ screen size option.


This flat screen QLED is the flagship TV of the Samsung line.


Upgrade: Q Contrast

Both contrast components are upgraded to produce Samsung’s most spectacular TV yet. Q |4K HDR Elite+ with Infinite Array creates the best contrast and detail in the brightest and darkest areas of your screen. This TV can completely turn off the horizontal bars on the top and bottom of your screen when you watch movies.


Upgrade: 88-Inch TV

The flagship Q9F is available with a massive 88-inch screen. Bonus: The 88-inch screen comes packaged with the no-gap wall mount in the box.