SONY Buying Guide

Shop with Sony’s home theater from 4K HDR TVs, high-resolution soundbar, Playstations, cameras, Smart Phones, and car accessories. HOME THEATER Feel the beauty of 4K HDR TVs, high-resolution soundbars, blu-ray players, and receivers to have a home theater experience. Check out the 65” 4K Ultra HD Smart TV! Sony X850F-Series 65″ 4K Ultra HD Smart TV will make you feel as if you were there … Continue reading SONY Buying Guide

Wednesday, November 21st is World Television Day!

As of December 1996, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that November 21st is World Television Day. Over the years television has made an increasing impact of people’s decision-making and has played an important role in society. Television is a great source of entertainment, receiving news, discovering do-it-yourself projects such as new recipes or home improvement work. Some programs are designed to be completely educationally, … Continue reading Wednesday, November 21st is World Television Day!

2017 Samsung QLED TV Guide

Samsung’s QLED TVs have something others don’t: metal quantum dots. At the simplest level, quantum dots are tiny particles within the screen that glow when you shine light onto them. Using this method, a TV can produce 100% of the color spectrum for a supremely lifelike image. Samsung has a great MU-series LED line, and the QLED line adds to it with some of the … Continue reading 2017 Samsung QLED TV Guide

2017 Samsung TV Differences (MU-Series)

Have you been wondering what the differences are between the various Samsung TV models? We’re here to simply things for you. First, all of these TVs have 4K Ultra HD resolution, and all (except the MU9000) are available with either flat or curved screens. Starting with the first model in the MU-series, we’ll share the features that all of the models in the series have. … Continue reading 2017 Samsung TV Differences (MU-Series)

Roku Comcast App Beta Testing Begins

Comcast Xfinity X1 live broadcast channels, DVR, and video-on-demand without the cable box. Comcast and Roku have announced beta testing for the Xfinity TV app available on Roku devices. You can find it in the channel store on most recent Roku devices. An official launch is expected later this year after Comcast verifies the app’s performance and adds features. You can expect the complete Xfinity … Continue reading Roku Comcast App Beta Testing Begins

The Best TVs from CES 2017

TVs have taken quite a leap at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. From the impossibly thin to the best picture we’ve ever seen, here are our favorites: LG W7 “Wallpaper” OLED TV LG is testing the limits of thinness with its new W7 series OLED TVs. Have you ever rubbed two dimes between your fingers? As thin as those two dimes are, they are THICKER … Continue reading The Best TVs from CES 2017

Must Haves for Your Black Friday TV

You’ve scored a great deal on a Black Friday TV, and now you want to enjoy your TV. These simple and easy upgrades will take your experience to the next level. Soundbar The number one thing you can do to improve your viewing experience is to upgrade the sound. When TVs were large and weighed hundreds of pounds they were able to house large speakers … Continue reading Must Haves for Your Black Friday TV

Enjoy 4K Video with PlayStation and Xbox

With the proliferation of 4K resolution TVs, Sony and Microsoft have introduced 4K—and the amazing picture it produces—to their gaming consoles. Both the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S can stream content in 4K, which is 4 times more detailed than the exiting standard: 1080p. It requires a 4K TV (which are dropping drastically in price) to display, but the image is much clearer … Continue reading Enjoy 4K Video with PlayStation and Xbox

TV Comparison: LED vs OLED

With the plasma TV now extinct there are now two types of TVs: LED and OLED. An LED TV is a type of LCD TV. LCD stands for liquid crystal display. A layer of liquid crystal solution is suspended between two glass panels. Millions of transistors use electrical charges to manipulate the crystals, creating the image you see. The liquid crystals themselves produce no light, … Continue reading TV Comparison: LED vs OLED

TV Acronyms Explained

If you’ve ever looked a TV box you may be left wondering what all those acronyms mean. We bring some clarity to the situation: Resolution Resolution measures the amount of pixels in a TV screen. The higher the number, the clearer the picture will be. 720p HD : The lowest version of high definition. This resolution is found on 32 inch and smaller TVs where … Continue reading TV Acronyms Explained