Treat Yourself – Buying Guide

You made your list, you checked it twice, you got everyone you know something nice, but what about for yourself? You gave this holiday season, but now it is time to treat yourself! 

Don’t know what to get yourself, Electronic Express will help you out!  


You have been saying you wanted to get one these for a while, now is the best time to purchase the Flip 4 Wireless Speaker, that comes in a wide range of colors. The JBL Bluetooth speaker is easy to connect with too. In no time, you will love listening to your music and your favorite podcasts from this portable stereo speaker from JBL. Did we mention it’s also waterproof? That’s right it’s the perfect speaker for at home, on the go, or at the beach!


Stay connected, stylish, healthy, and sharp with a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. There a ton of benefits of these gadgets other than being able to tell what time it is. A smartwatch, such as the Apple Watch, will be able to allow you to hook up to your iPhone, so all your apps, notes and contacts will be available on your wrist.


A fitness tracker such as the Garmin 4 Activity Tracker, is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle without having to stop and recharge because the battery life is over a year long! This fitness tracker follows your activity and movement including steps, distance, and calories burned. It is even waterproof, so feel free to take a swim with it! You will wear it every day!



The perfect cross between a smartphone and a laptop is a tablet! Treat yourself to something you can use every single day!  The Galaxy Tab A 10.1” has a high-resolution screen making everything come to life! You can watch your favorite movies or catch up on the latest news all in the palm of your hands. And because you have the latest Android operating system, all your favorite games, apps and more are right there waiting for you.


Get yourself a digital camera to capture every moment! While every smartphone has a built-in camera, having a digital camera can be fun and exciting. Digital cameras have an overall better quality of images because the leans creates the most impact! Digital cameras have different settings making it work with the light because the lighting is everything. Treat yourself to a COOLPIX 16.1MP Compact Digital Camera, its compact, simple and powerful!


Or if you’re looking to work on your photography portfolio, get yourself a NIKON 26506 Zoom Black Digital Camera,  that feels great in your hands whether you are taking photos or videos. With digital photography becoming more popular you’ll be ahead of the trend.