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A Day in the Life: Quarantine Edition

The last few months have left us all with a new normal. Quarantine. We’re working from home, cooking at home, having “virtual” hangouts, and leaving only for the essentials. I’m sure most people are thinking the same thing, “I’m bored. What do I do?” Many are spending their days working, and many are taking the opportunity to clean and organize the house. So I decided to chronicle an average day in my quarantine life. Maybe it gives you some ideas, maybe it doesn’t. One thing it will do, remind you that while we’re all apart, you’re not alone during this time. We’re all going through the same thing…

Every morning starts out the same. The essential morning starter. Coffee. For me, the mornings are vital to setting the tone for the rest of the day. I like to take it slow and easy in the morning, enjoying the quiet time with no place to be yet and sipping my coffee. Now personally, I’m a fan of a good ole programmable pot. There’s just something about waking up to a freshly made pot, the smell of coffee making its way throughout the house.

Once coffee is done, it’s time to start the day. Since I started working from home, having the right set up has become incredibly important. It took a little trial and error to get it just right, but with multiple monitors, the right desktop and some help from my MacBook Pro, working from home feels more like an extension of my actual office desk.

After putting in a few hours, it’s time for lunch, which really just means 15 minutes of eating and 45 minutes of housework. With outdoor speakers and the beautiful weather we’ve been having, eating outside while some nice mood music plays has become a daily ritual. Chores for the day include setting up my new Google Home Hub, vacuuming with my Dyson handheld, and putting Philips Hue lights around my TV so I can watch in style (the fact that backlighting is better for your eyes doesn’t hurt either). Now back to work.

Fast forward to 5pm. I’m off the clock, but that doesn’t mean the work stops. Time for dinner. Now that cooking at home has become basically the only option, I’ve learned that it can actually be fun. Trying new recipes (or throwing stuff together and hoping it works), and finally getting to use all the small kitchen appliances I kept saying, “I’ll try that one day” about; it’s become a relaxing pastime in the evenings. And while I’m having fun in the kitchen trying out new things, my boyfriend is in the other room catching up on his video games. Between the PlayStation console and the PC, there’s plenty to play, so it keeps him busy for hours and gives me plenty of time to create in the kitchen.

Dinner is done, cleaning is done, work is done; now it’s time to sit on the couch and end the day the only way I know how. Watching TV on the incredible Samsung Q60R and enjoying those new lights until I fall asleep. After a long day of “doing”, it’s nice to finally be “done”.

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