Spring Ahead with Daylight Savings!

Spring ahead with daylight savings! Daylight savings time for 2019 happens on Sunday, March 10th! Check out Electronic Express watches, clocks, car electronics to make sure you are always on time! You sure would hate to fall behind! Watches & Smart Watches! Check out the Samsung Gear Sports Black Watch! Get motivated to move more, eat better, and live a healthy life. The Gear Sport … Continue reading Spring Ahead with Daylight Savings!

Car Speaker Buying Guide

You may be ready to upgrade your car’s speakers for a much needed sound upgrade, but there’s a few things you should know before making your selection. In our car speaker buying guide, we’ll cover selecting the right speaker size, the right type of speaker construction, materials, and more. Choosing the Right Speaker Size The first step in upgrading your speakers is to select the … Continue reading Car Speaker Buying Guide